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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I'm home now, sucking on a super-skunk spliff, which is spendiferously splendid. It’s a much better place to be than the location of my earlier entry, I don't mind admitting in a frank, free and honest manner.

Yes, I'm stoned. I'm almost always stoned. If everyone were always as high as I am, there would be no more war. People wouldn't remember why they were fighting in the first place. There'd still be world hunger though, because everyone would have the munchies. And there'd be poverty too, because of all those expensive impulse purchases. Why only yesterday, I was so outta my head that I bought a (fill in your own hilarious punch line here!)

Maybe it's not time for the blog to go interactive just yet...

Actually, things have gotten a bit more dynamic here in hippy-heaven...

I've got some new comments in my guest book and a couple of comments here on the blog as well. Well dip my balls in chocolate and call me a pastry!

Big up's to "Dude" and "Shashank"! Cheers guys. I hope you bookmarked me and you are sending the link to all your friends. Or enemies. Or strangers. Anyone, really, please!

It's cool, I'll keep blogging my life away whether anyone reads it or not. Don't worry, there's no end to the northlondonhippy currently in sight.

The more I write in this fucking blog, the more I want it to be read. I think my ego requires more frequent feedings than I could have ever imagined.

But not so much that I'm sharing it with anyone I know in real life. Outside of Mrs. Hippy and my younger (now estranged) brother, no one who knows me knows I do this.

Part of me does want to share its existence. Sometimes I really want to send various friends and acquaintances to this page, but ultimately I'm a pussy and I don't do it.

Just imagine it, if I had hippy business cards…

But I don't do it because there's too much of who I really am in this blog. I let myself run unchecked, uncorrected, uncensored and unbelievably full of shit. Actually, I probably put even more of myself into this blog than I do in my real life.

In real life, I go out of my way to be invisible, unnoticed and for the most part I succeed. At work, being there for 6 months (6 months!) now, I feel more comfortable, so I show more of my true self. I still keep my head down, but I do speak up when I feel I have something to contribute, which happens more and more often these days.

I was certainly out of my shell last week, at my "work-related stay in a fancy London hotel". I mixed with people, I spoke up and I was charming, entertaining and generally fun to be with. I don't say this in a conceited way, I'm making this judgment based upon the "flood" of emails I've received from people I met last week.

Ok, they didn't say "charming", I added that myself, but then I can be very charming when I want to or need to be.

My father could be exceedingly charming, one of my older half-brothers as well. And my younger (now-estranged) brother could be especially charming too. It runs in my family I think.

Am I charming you now? Can I borrow 100K? Oh, ok. I guess I haven't charmed you enough. Yet.

Though I can be charming, never forget that I can also be a complete and utter cunt when need be. And yeah, I could kill if I had to, especially if it was to protect someone I love. Or if I really wanted 100K. Still don't wanna give it to me?

God hippy, where are you going with this one?

I'm just feeling a touch manic this morning, things are cool at work, my finances ain't too shabby, I'm smoking a juicy joint, I'm feeling all social and personable. Anyone want to join me for a bloody mary? Or two? Or ten?

Don't worry, I'm sure this won't last, I'll be dutifully dour again in no time.

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