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Sunday, October 31, 2004

I'm still bloggin' my life away...

Just to entertain you everyday...

The hippy will never go away....

Give me the chance and I'll lead you astray...

Enough singing. Besides, you don't even know the tune.

I've just traveled back in time. For real. It was 1am, then it was 2am, and like all of a sudden it was 1am again.

The fact that the clocks went back might have something to do with this...daylight savings time has come to an end. It's the same if you are in north America and Europe, I think. As for the rest of the world, well, you tell me.

The downside to working the night the clocks go back is simple, you work an extra hour. I work long enough shifts already without having to do any extra hour. Here's hoping I work the night they go forward next Spring, so I can get that hour back!

It's alright for most of you, since it means an extra hour of sack time. I could do with an extra hour of sleep myself, anytime.

I've got a later start on Sunday and Monday, so in reality I will get a little extra rest, but not enough. I want my hour back!

The US elections are heading into the home stretch. Having perused all the Sunday UK papers, I can tell you that the Bin Laden video is seen as a boost to Bush. This is very bad. Bush needs to lose and lose big.

I don't think I've ever hated a US president as much as I hate George W (for wish he loses) Bush. He's an intellectual dwarf, a smarmy, smirking shithead. There's cowshit that needs shovelling in Crawford, Texas, Georgie boy. Come January you better have a shovel handy!

Kerry's problem, I think, is that he hasn't impressed voters enough. His performance towards the end of the campaign, since the debates really has been solid and consistent, but is it too little, too late? Or, perhaps they can't risk performing the operation to remove the stick from his ass until after election day.

Yes, I think Kerry is stiff, but I also think he is a lot smarter, wiser and more trustworthy than GWB.

Be real hippy! This election is fixed, Bush is going to win. There's too much money and too many no-bid government contracts at stake for them to let Kerry win. The rich need to be richer, it's their god-given right. Bring on the tax cuts!

I really can't wait for it to all be over and done with. I'm bored with it. If we are lucky, when we wake up on Wednesday, we'll know the outcome. If we're not lucky, a lot of high-priced lawyers will be on the clock and we won't have a winner for weeks.

Please god, let Kerry win! Bush thinks you chose him last time, but that must be a mistake. If you have any say lord, please, please, please make sure Kerry wins. Put it this way, god, if you don't, then your "best" creation, good ol' planet earth, might have a significantly shorter shelf-life.

God doesn't listen to me. Does he listen to you? If he does, have a word in his ear.

It's out of god's hands as well. Does god have hands? Were we created in his image? Somehow I doubt god is a short, fat bald guy, so I'm guessing I look nothing like him.
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