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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The northlondonhippy is still a little trippy, so go on, gimme a yipppppeeeee!

Hey! It's early on Tuesday morning, one week from the US presidential elections!

If you are American and you have a vote, please use it wisely. Wisely in this context can only have one meaning: Vote Kerry! Even if you have half of a functioning brain, the choice is obvious. Actually there really is no choice.

And look, if you think four more years of Bush is a good thing, then just FUCK OFF RIGHT OUT OF MY BLOG!

What are you still doing Bush-supporter, are u a little slow? You fucking must be to want to keep that malevolent piece of shit in office, I said FUCK OFF!

George (W for wasted presidency) Bush has done more to fuck up the world than any other US president, ever. He didn't even get the job legitimately. The sooner he is back shoveling cow shit on his ranch in Texas, the better for everyone on this little blue planet!

I have to be honest, right after September 11th, he had my support, and my sympathy. I thought he was a tosser when he “won” (stole) the election in 2000, but watching the WTC come down even softened me. It softened most of the world as well, everyone was behind America then.

But Bush and his neo-con cunt parade did everything in their power to squander all that good will. Let’s hope John Kerry has the chance to try to put it right. Yeah, fat chance, Karl Rove has already put a plan in motion to steal it again I expect. I’m prepared to wake up on November 3rd to discover bad news.

Enough about foreign politics, I have bigger fish to fry! Or rather, drugs to take. I've got 60 grams of fresh mexican p.cubes here and dammit if I might take the whole lot today. Man they would fry my brain but good! In a very nice way of course.

My EDIT order arrived at 7:30am this morning, and had all the things I requested in it, including my fresh shrooms and my Koh Samui grow kit! Yippppeeee! It's a good thing the postman knocked twice, because this hippy was deep in dreamland, digging the scene in my sub-conscious. I woke up, ran downstairs and signed for it without even really waking up.

My plan was to jump back in the sack for a couple of hours, but my desire to open the package got the better of me and I ripped the sucker open. By then, there was no turning back, I was wide awake!

The fresh shrooms are in the fridge, I will take them this afternoon. I might just go for the entire 60 grams! Or I might wuss out and take 40-50....we'll see....

More news from the hippy! A local north London website has now linked to the hippy. Somehow they found me, this didn't come from me trying to force my link on!! A first!

It's called "Camden News" and here's the link! Now I used to work in Camden and it has some cool headshops that sell shrooms, so I do view the place with a certain affection. Having said that, it's full of crack heads and crack whores and muggers and thieves. Oh and worst of all, regional daytrippers at the weekends, who clog the streets and get in your way.

Don't get me wrong, I dig Camden, but be careful when you are there. I'm sure even Camdenians would agree that it can be a bit dodgy, though the council are trying to regenerate it and make it nicer.

The problem with Camden was apparently caused by the redevelopment of the King's Cross area. The link with the Channel Tunnel to France is being built, along with a new terminus and lots of new posh hotels. That means when all the street people were driven out, they went just up the road to Camden. Sorry, am I getting too local for my international audience.

London has a reasonable crack problem and Camden is one of the centers for it. There is even a website called Crack Cocaine in Camden which if you are interested, can give you more details. It is run by a local resident who got sick of all the crack dealing, whoring and smoking going on at his front door. He posts pictures and links and info about the problem on that site. The pix are very amusing as you can see just how blatant these people are and how little the cops can actually do about it. Oh and it wouldn't be amusing at all if it was my front stoop, or yours...

Crack is a serious problem, but no one wants to deal with it in a sensible way that would fix it. The real solution would frighten everyone too much. You want to get rid of crack dealers, crack whores and crack users on your street? Simple, make it legal, sell it in special shops, where it is OK to smoke it. Sell it as cheaply as it would cost in Colombia, which would mean a big habit would cost pennies day.

Gasp, you say, but hippy then loads of people would be using it....? Wake up and smell the cracksmoke, there are already loads of people using it! Why not make it safer for them, and if you make it cheaper, you make the world safer for us. If there was no profit in it, then the dealers would just melt away. If you didn't have to make loads of money to buy it, you wouldn't have to ho' your ass on the street giving BJs for a fiver! It would improve the quality of life in London for sure.

And what about Colombia? Imagine if coke was a normal product, purchased for normal prices, like coffee. You could regulate it, control it, and tax it. Colombia might become less of a lawless state.

Wait a second hippy, didn't a good friend of your's drop dead about a week ago, probably from the use of charlie? That's right hippy fan, but he was a serious user. And look, the shit's illegal already and that didn't stop him. It should be legal, most people can be can be responsible and use it in moderation, they don't need to be punished because of a minority who can't handle it.

If that was true, then booze would be illegal as well as one of the most traffic'd substances on the black market! Booze kills more people annually than all the other drugs do combined. Don’t believe me, do some homework!

Give the people what they want! Let us decide what we want to enjoy! If I want to kill myself with coke, or booze or anything, who is the government to say I can’t. The fuckers.

And if you got here from that Camden News site, I hope you are down with what I'm saying. Welcome either way, bookmark the hippy and come back often!

I spoke to my Mom and her part time home helper yesterday. I got some big fucking news that I am quite pleased with. My mother's home helper, who I will from now on refer to as "B" has asked my mother to move in with her family! My mother won't have to be alone anymore!! This is excellent news.

To recap for those of you just tuning in: About 30 months ago, my mother suffered a devastating stroke, which left her unable to walk or speak well. She has been dependent on others for almost everything. My father took care of her for the first year, before he was diagnosed with cancer. He then hired B, part time, to help out a couple of hours every Mon-Fri. When the cancer and related treatments got to be too much, he hired another woman, a Georgian national, who doesn't speak much English, to live in with them.

My father died almost 2 months ago. (It still hurts a lot) My mother had to decide what to do. She was considering anything from a nursing home to getting smaller house and keeping the Georgian lady.

Now my Mom might not be able to walk, or get to the toilet or speak well, but she is still sharp as a tack. She decided before my dad died that she wanted to move out of their house. They only moved into that house a few months before my mother had her stroke, so she is not very attached to it. Not that many memories, but almost all of them bad.

B has said all along that she would love to have my mother come live her and her family, but she didn't have the space. Now, she's come up with a plan. B is going to sell her home and buy a larger one, with a contribution from my mother. In return, my mom will have a place to live, with very nice people for the rest of her life and she won't have to pay a penny more for her care.

Her contribution will be substantial, but that's cool. I don't want anything from my Mom, I just want her to be as comfortable as possible for however long she might have left. B is a saint in my book who seems to genuinely care about my mother.

I am a total piece of shit, as much as I care, it doesn't translate into any real contribution to her life. I'm a voice on the telephone occasionally, I don't phone as much as I should. I haven't even seen her in over 2 years. I didn't even visit my father before he died.

This is upsetting me. I nearly cried when B told me all this yesterday, but they would have been tears of joy, not guilt. I am very happy that my mother will have a nice family to live with. B has a husband, 3 kids and B's mother lives with them as well - she is around my Mom's age, and they are already friends. They even have pets, a dog and cat.

It will take several months or more before all this happens, they need to sell both homes and find a third one to buy, but it is moving in the right direction already. Here's a yipppeee for you Mom! Yippppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

My mother asked me if I have spoken to my younger (now estranged) brother. I had to tell her "no", not in around four months. She asked why he is mad at me, I don't have a clue. She told me to phone him, but I can't. Dum de dum.

I'm still waiting anxiously for the announcement of the nominees for the BOB awards! This blog is under consideration for inclusion in the "Best Blog of the Year Award" and there will only be 10 nominees. I really, really want to make the shortlist. Love me, love me, love me!

And if you are one of the BOB judges, I bid you an especially warm and heartfelt welcome to my blog. This is my life as an open book, "...the hippy holds nothing back as he lives the hippy life, so you don't have to!" I can't say enough how impressed I am with the esteemed panel of judges that DW has assembled for this contest. I'm sure they possess the sort of insightful, critical ability necessary to select this blog as the best one in the whole world, ever! Love me, love me, love me, please!

Enough my shit, I've got to go start living that hippy life, which means a shower, some coffee, perhaps an M&S carrot and orange muffin (yum), then a load of laundry, and some tidying around the house. Then after a quick telephone chat with Mrs. Hippy in DC, I'm going to take my shrooms and commune with the Mushroom God! If the PC is being cooperative, perhaps I come back and make an utter shroomed fool of myself. Bet you can't wait for that!

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