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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ok, so I didn't drop by at the weekend.

I have no real excuse, except my prevailing laziness. Plus I was recovering from last week's heavy drinking. I just can't take it like I used to.

Went out with a mate of mine on Sunday night, in a much posher part of north London than where I reside. It's an amazing difference, just a couple tube stops from my lair and it's a whole new world. You could even walk around after dark without fear of death. Grand!

I'm working loads this week, 5 nights out of 7. Actually, my workload for the next 2 months, through to the end of November is reasonably heavy. My bank account and I don't mind though. I wanna buy a car and a new PC soon-ish, the car is especially urgent as I'm missing having a hippymobile.

The really big news is that Mrs. Hippy has got some work-related travel coming up, several weeks or more abroad. She's leaving early next week, it was unexpected and sprung on her without much notice. It means this hippy will be on his own for a good chunk of time.

This is a bad thing, especially following my renewed social activity last week, but I will try to behave. Obviously I'll be missing the missus very VERY much, but the opportunity to be a part-time pisshead might be difficult to resist.

It will be more than a bit lonely for me. I'll probably just keep things quiet and low-key, though I might venture out occasionally to catch up with old friends.

Though if I know me, I'll be enjoying plenty of takeaways as well as some serious shrooming while she's away.

Speaking of shrooms! My EDIT order from a couple of weeks ago was missing the Koh Samui grow kit. Don't worry, the credited my account for the omission, but it means I need to get one on the go ASAP. Perhaps I'll scoot down to Camden one day this week and pick one up. The sooner I get it started, the sooner I'll be hip-deep into some strong, fresh shroomies. Excellent!

Otherwise, things are cool, it's all smooth sailing.
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