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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

There's a hippy you know...and you love him so....

Deep in the heart of north London!

If you don't know the song "Deep in the heart of Texas", then the above humour is lost on you. C'est la vie.

The bad news: I didn't shroom yesterday!

The good news: I just ingested around 45-50 grams of fresh mexican p.cubes not 5 minutes ago, which is why I'm typing fast.

Once those little fuckers kick in, I won't be typing anything! My brain will be fried to a shroomy crisp. But in a nice way, of course.

This is the largest dose I've done in a while, so whey hey, party time, hippy stylie!

For the record, I have been remarkably well behaved while Mrs. Hippy has been away. I haven't been out one single evening and this is the first time I've shroomed. I haven't had a drink either, but then I don't drink these days.

Ok, ok, I have had countless spliffies, but hey, I would have had them even if she were here.

That's the cool thing about being a total weed-head, you never need a special occasion to spark up. It's like, "oh wow, I'm awake, that calls for a celebratory smoke!" Or "I've just finished a spliff, time to have a another one." You get the idea.

My rolling habits are quite neurotic and retentive. I tend to roll at least 10 or more spliffs at a time. When you smoke the way I do, it just makes good common sense to do it this way. Think of it as dosage regulation.

I mix the tobacco and weed together, so each spliff in the batch has the same strength. Because I'm experienced, my weed to tobacco ratio is usually pretty standard from batch to batch as well. For everyday smoking, I use regular, king sized rizlas and I roll each one with a rizla rolling machine.

But hippy, using a machine is cheating. Fuck that, each joint I make is perfect and just like every other one I make. Consistency, reliability and dosage control. You can trust a spliff from the hippy!

For other occasions, I make various other forms of joints, spliffs and blunts. One day, when I am scratching for a hippy topic, I'll give you a guide to the hippy spliff range, complete with instructions and links to the various products I use.

"Smoking accessories" is big business, my favourite site, EDIT, apparently turns over a couple million a year, according to an article I read in the Observer a while back. I contribute a reasonable share, but it's a drop in the bucket to their overall business. They're a good site, with an excellent selection. If the hippy shops there, you know its good!

Anyway, I can feel the shrooms percolating in my brain and the words are taking a bit effort to go from my mind to the screen. Maybe I'll come back when I'm peaking and amuse you all. Or perhaps, just to amuse myself.
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