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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Three times in one night, oh hippy you are spoiling us!

I'm still here, still bored, there's about three hours left on the hippy-departure countdown clock. Tick tock, tick fucking tock.

The problem with the kind of work I do is that when the world is quiet, I've got nothing to do. This has been the case all night.

I've just spent some time perusing the other blogs up for the "best weblog" award in the BOBs.

For those of you just tuning in, the BOBs are the Best of the Blog awards which are being run by Deutsche-Welle in Germany. This blog has been entered and this hippy really wants to win one. Love me, love me, love me!

There are 597 blogs competing for 10 finalist slots. I have a better chance of retiring to the planet Mars than I do winning one of these awards. I can but hope and dream.

In my favour, most of the blogs are not in English, this could help me. Many of the blogs are far more interesting than this one, that won't do me any favours.

I'm the first to admit that my blog is not the most visually impressive one you'll encounter online. That's actually an artistic decision on my part, I wanted a simple look, because this blog is about words and thoughts more than anything else. Also, I don't know dick about HTML, so I couldn't make it look better if I tried. I could probably make it look a lot worse, but where's the logic in that?

I'm guessing I've got about as good a chance as anyone. And I'm sure the BOB judges have excellent taste, are keen talent spotters and will know a cool happening blog when they read one...specifically, this one!

For those of you visiting the hippy for the first time, welcome to my blog!

The hippy is the "most shroomtastic stoner on the internet". Plus a whole lot more!

The hippy is:
Smart, funny, clever, cool, egotistical, needy, stoned, middle-aged, short, fat, bald, imaginative, truthful, honest and well hung.

Ok, maybe not well-hung. Slightly better than average if you must know.

The hippy writes about:
Anything, everything, the hippy life, drugs, work, music, pop-culture, current events, politics, injustice, his dysfunctional family, how to get rich...

I don't actually write about getting rich. If I knew how, I would be rich and I wouldn't tell you how to do it, would I? I sure as hell wouldn't be wasting my time writing a blog. I'd be partying with Paris Hilton and Britney and both of them would be taking turns fellating me and french kissing each other.

The hippy is based in:
fabulous north London, which is where the hippy's lair is located

The hippy writes:
around 5 entries or more per week, has been running for 7 months, has over 120 entries in his blog. Lots of them are funny, see for yourself!

The hippy lives the hippy life so you don't have to! Just think of the time and energy that must save you! Not to mention all those drugs he takes, which means you can stay sober if you so choose. Why would anyone choose to stay sober? It boggles the mind!

I've tried to promote this blog in the past, mostly to disastrous results. I even tried to give my own car away to one lucky hippyfan. It didn't work. Check out the "BEST" of the hippy if you don't believe me.

Check out the "BEST" of the hippy anyway, that's where all my really cool entries end up. And keep watching, I'll be adding even more to it very soon!
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