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Friday, October 29, 2004

What, no yippppeeee for the hippy?

No time for that shit, I've actually been busy tonight. This is going to be remarkably brief.

My shrooming yesterday was very pleasant, though I think it was the full moon, which only made me crazier than usual. That's really saying something.

I quite enjoyed the shrooming, though I don't know why I wasn't more wasted. I took a big fat dose, nearly 50 grams. I should have been in a heap on the floor, having trouble forming words, but I wasn't.

I should have my first flush of Koh Samuis in a less than a fortnight. They are suppose to be a bit more potent than Mexican p.cubes, though they are just a different strain of p.cubes.

There's a school of thought that all p.cubes have a similar potency, which I think may be true. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks.

Mrs. Hippy is having a miserable time in Washington. She's working hard, long days and probably won't have a day off until she returns. Fucking election. I wish she could come home.

I'm missing her too, it's more than a bit lonely in the hippy's lair!

Anyway, I said I'd keep this brief and I am a hippy of my word! Be back when I can...
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