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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bored, bored, bored....

I've got plenty I should be doing, but I'm overcome with a sort of malaise, which is being caused by the result in America. It looks like, for all practical purposes that Bush Jr. has claimed victory. All they are waiting for now is for John Kerry to lay down.

It doesn't sound like Kerry's ready to do that just yet, but the impression being created on this hippy's television is that he's pretty much lost it.

What's worse is they are calling Bush Jr.'s win a mandate and quoting a lot of pointless statistics.

Sore loser? You bet your fucking ass I am.

I really did myself no favours by thinking Kerry had a chance. I knew the fix was in. I've already read that in states with paper ballots, the exit polls are mirroring the actual results. In states with electronic voting, the exit polls and the actual results are showing a difference of about 5%, in Bush Jr.'s favour naturally.

The second dark ages are well and truly under way. Start digging your bunker now. Especially if you are in Iran, Syria or France, I expect you are all in America’s crosshairs. With the house and the senate going red as well, there's nothing to stop the neo-con cunt parade from marching headlong even further in the wrong direction.

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.

This hippy won't be back again later. I think I am going to drink myself senseless.
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