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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The depression is palpable, pretty much worldwide. You can certainly feel it on the streets of London. Mrs. Hippy reports a similar vibe in Washington, DC.

He's back, he's mad and this time its personal, welcome to Bush Jr. mark II - The return of the dark ages! My bunker's about halfway finished, a couple of more days digging and it should be complete. Put your head between your legs and kiss your sweet ass good bye!

I still can't believe the outcome. It's like a bad dream. Except when you have a bad dream, you get to wake up from it. This is a living nightmare.

Enough already. Deal with it, hippy.

The one good thing to come out of Bush Jr's decisive victory is that Mrs. Hippy will be getting on a plane tonight. She'll be back here at the lair first thing tomorrow morning. I guess I'll have to tell all the hookers to go home, finally. At least I got my money's worth, they'll all walk funny for at least a week.

I went out and bought a new toy today. Its called a "Laserpod" and it s very cool light thingy. Rather than explain it to you, you can check out their website right HERE. It's dead cool and I can't wait till it gets dark later so I can give it a proper test drive. I think it might be perfect for late night shrooming as well. Groovy, man.

And my shroom kit is just covered with pinheads. They're not going to be ready for tomorrow, but that's OK, because with Mrs. Hippy returning, I wouldn't get to do them anyway. I reckon they'll be good to come down in a few more days, which means I'll be good to go up on them next week.
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