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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Hey ho.

I really enjoyed writing my little screen-scene last night. It was like I was channeling the spirit of George W. Bush. It was like he was really speaking through me. Go on, scroll down and have a look. At some point, I'll channel him again, though I have to be honest, when his spirit entered my body, I could feel my IQ dropping like a stone.

It's my last night and I'm not back at work until Friday. I was hoping to do a spot of shrooming, but I think something is up with my grow-kit. It appears they haven't really gotten any bigger in the last couple of days, so this hippy is somewhat concerned. I'll be trouble-shooting it tomorrow when I have time, to see if I can discover what the problem is. I've had kits go funny on me before, it would be nice to figure what's causing it and correct it, asap. I want my Koh Samuis!

I've been thinking of using the blog as a venue for a short story idea I have. Like most of my ideas, it's not really completely thought out, but I might give it a try. Would my legions of hippy-fans enjoy that? Of course they would!

I'm still addicted to checking the statistics on the Since I put the hit-counter on the page, back in July, I've watched the visitor numbers steadily increase. They do really cool charts which for this site, show the visitor numbers steadily increasing. I've been at this for nearly 8 months, I didn't think my attention span stretched that far.

And as always, if you've found this blog, well done you! However you got here, I'm very glad you did, now you are part of the vanguard of the internet elite. When you look in the mirror and see yourself, know that you are special!! You're a hippy-fan and no one can take that away from you!

The coolest thing is I've surpassed over one-thousand page impressions since I started monitoring in July. Of course, if you put this into the context of the rest of the internet, it's a drop in the bucket. I've looked at other websites stats for comparison, so I know this to be true. But I've got absolutely no budget and I haven't spent so much as a penny on this site or it's promotion, so I think I'm doing well.

But so what? I'm just one little nobody, out here blogging my life away just for you. The fact that anyone drops by to read this is nothing short of amazing. Bookmark me, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everyone. This hippy is where its at!

I'm determined to update the "BEST" of the hippy page soon. Perhaps I'll make it my special project over the next few days. There's a couple more old entries which I feel deserve to be added to the page. Of course, it's all subjective and just my opinion, your mileage may vary...!

Tell ya what, I'm feeling rather inspired, so I'm going to wrap this up now, go for a smoke (tobacco, mind you) and perhaps try and write a complete short-story before I go home. I'm really feeling like one ambitious hippy. Gimme a little bit of time and I'll be back to entertain you before you know it!
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