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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Hey, I'm here and better late than never. I'm logged in, blogged on and ready to rock'n'roll. Prepare yourself for an update on my quest for world-wide-web domination!

As if...

My quest for internet celebrity is progressing at a snail's pace. Ok, the snail is on life-support, but at least it's moving a little bit in the right direction.

It's very cool, you know, having a secret internet identity. Everyone should have one. I even emailed a tv programme I've been watching with some "viewer comments". That's something I would never do with my real-life identity, but since I'm secretly the northlondonhippy, I can contact who-ever I want! If they do anything with my email, I'll be sure to report back. I'm hoping (and praying) they'll name-check me on their next edition. Sure they will hippy, sure they will.

Besides being the "most shroomtastic stoner on the internet", I'm also a shameless self-promoter, or rather, this hippy I'm thinking that "letters to the editor" might be a clever way to go for furthering the hippy-brand. If I write enough of them, someone's bound to print one, or quote me on tv and then before you know it, I'll properly run the world! It could happen and my virginity might be restored as well.

I've been thinking I don't write enough about sex here in the blog. Maybe that's what I'm lacking. I mean, sure, I'm always going on and on about drugs, and rock'n'roll, but what's missing from the equastion? Sex of course! If I rambled on about explicit sexual subjects, perhaps that would bring me the fame and popularity I desire and so richly deserve. Erections and vaginal secretions are the future of blogging!

Not tonight though, but soon, I need to get down and dirty. Perhaps if I had a few teenage girls to play with, that would really make things interesting...but they don't come cheap! Perhaps I could get a discount for quantity.

Mrs. Hippy won't dig any of this, but hey, it's all in the interest of research and furthering my desire to turn this blogging lark into a full time career.

Could you imagine if I did turn this into a real gig? I've already been thinking I need to get a long-haired wig, a psychedelic head-band and some giant shades, as well as some sort of hippy-garb. Then I really will be ready for personal appearances, you know, shopping mall openings, birthday parties and Hollywood film premiers. But goddammit, I'm only attending openings for A-list films and ONLY if they send a limo. And it better be a black stretch caddy or they can fuck right off. I've got my standards and my hippyfans would accept nothing less than me traveling in style!

Speaking of hippyfans, you guys (and girls) have really come through for me this month. With only a few days left in November, I've already set a new record for the number of visitors dropping by to chill out with this hippy! It's been my best month ever....thank you all very much!

And so what if none of you have emailed me. I know I beg and plead for contact with you hippyfans, but it's fallen on deaf ears. I'll survive. No interactivity for this hippy. We'll keep things one-sided. I'm sure it's just your need to keep me on that pedestal, no matter how approachable I claim to be. I think it's time to give up and accept that no matter how much I ask, no one's ever going to send me an email. Ho hum.

Speaking of hippyfans, I've had visitors from the Philippines and Taiwan this week which is pretty cool. Blame - I check it all the time. Most of you seem to be in north America and Europe, but I get a few from all over. Everyone's welcome to chill out with me...just bring your own drugs, it's not like I can get you all much as I would love to...

One of the coolest things about is that I can see from the stats it keeps that I'm getting lots of repeat business. Once you've had a little taste of this hippy, you're addicted and you keep coming back for more. That's very cool!

Remember! If you've found this blog, that means you are now a card-carrying member of the vanguard of the internet elite! Well done you for making it this far, bookmark me! Or better yet, check out the RSS feed, that way you don't have to come to the hippy, you can make the hippy come to you!
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