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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

How about just a little taste of the hippy....?

But just a little taste, mind you, because you wouldn't want to OD on me!

I haven't been awake long, I managed to have a bit of a nap today. I'm ready for the long night ahead of me, digging on the US election results.

Part of me wants to be awake so I can watch tv and see the course of history change tonight when John Kerry is declared the winner...

And part of me thinks the only place that particular announcement will be made is in my dreams.

The little bit of coverage I've seen so far is saying voter turn-out is very high. That's good, I'm very high too! They say a high turn out will favour Kerry. Good, good, good.

Also, preliminary exit polling is showing Kerry with the edge in the key states, according to a line on the Drudge Report.

It's far too early for this hippy to be optimistic. but....

It could happen. It might happen. But it won't happen, because the fix is in!

Can I equivocate any more on the subject? Probably. Just watch me!

The whole BOBs fiasco is sinking in. How could I have been so foolish to think I had a chance to win anything. Go on, you tell me, you read this blog...does this hippy sound like a winner?

Don't answer that.

That's what happens when you put yourself forward for anything, you are met with bitter disappointment. Ok, maybe not you, but me certainly. Maybe your life is all gold medals and blue ribbons, but I never win dick.

I have to be honest (for that is this hippy's role), I don't know if this blog is any good. I'm sure its worthy of a few cheap laughs now and again, but it certainly doesn't change the world in any positive or perceptible way. But again, is that what a blog is suppose to do?

I'm feeling a bit lonely and sorry for myself. I'm missing Mrs. Hippy really badly. She's still having a shit time in the land of the free, working too much and not sleeping or eating enough. I worry about her.

Mainly I'm fairly isolated and alone. People do ask me to do things with them, but I am far too anti-social and lazy I think. Going out in the evening seems like too much hassle and that taxi home at the end of the night would end up costing me more than the evening itself!

Damn, I wish I planned a bit better, I could do with some fresh shrooms tonight, to cheer me up. Still, Friday could be possible if my grow kit provides its first flush. Or I could just bop up to Camden and pick some up. I could even order some online and have them in my hands by Friday without too much trouble. This is a hippy with shroom options!

This was suppose to be a quick blast of the hippy, but look at me, I've written a lot more than planned. I would still like to do some live blogging tonight, but I shouldn't make promises I might not keep.

You RSS/ATOM readers have the right idea, don't you come to the hippy, make the hippy come to you!
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