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Monday, November 29, 2004

I didn't really mean to freak anybody out with my previous entry. It was just a bit of hippyfun, not meant to be alarming. I strive to amuse, inform and further my quest for internet celebrity. I'm harmless, really.

I was up at the crack of dawn today, quite a hairy time indeed. Hairy, crack, geddit? I'm a barrel of laughs already!

I gave the house a serious blitz and did a reasonable job of cleaning and straightening up. And you thought being the northlondonhippy was glamorous...well you thought wrong. Fucker.

Sorry, I didn't mean to call you fucker, my fingers slipped.

I'm in a weird mood, I don't know why. I didn't get to shroom today, so you can't blame that.

You know, if I don't shroom pretty soon, someone is going to sue me for false advertising because I'm always claiming to be the "most shroomtastic stoner on the internet". Trust me, I still am and I'll be shrooming at the next possible opportunity. I'm going to go shroom-crazy really soon.

Hey, it's my tenuous sanity at stake here. I am really overdue for a session with my mushroom god. I need an extra large dose of my special brain medicine so I can spend some time in that secret world...I am craving those pretty colours!

My grow kit continues to underwhelm me. The "2nd flush" consisted of 2 mushrooms, neither that big and the caps didn't open. Something is still wrong, I just don't know what. By all rights it should be producing a flush a week. I'm giving it one last chance before I bin it and give up on growing all together. I'll just buy 'em as I need 'em, it's not like they are hard to get or expensive here in "legal shroomland".

I watched a cool movie the other day, which I recorded onto my SKY+ from SKY Movies. It's been doing the rounds late at night for the last month or so and I finally grabbed it.

It's called "THE SALTON SEA" and it was a pretty good noir-ish thriller set in the seedy underworld of speed freaks. "Tweaker" is the word for it apparently, I've never heard it before myself. Seems like there's secret worlds out there even this hippy hasn't encountered.

Now I've never been into speed, not really my thing. Chemically I've always needed to go down, not up. I've already got too much excess energy anyway. Weed is what need, pot and I mean a lot.

Check out the link above if you want to know more about the film. It had just enough twists to keep it interesting, I liked it.

This is one of those unfocused hippy entries that don't quite satisfy. It's well intentioned, but isn't really hitting the mark, is it? Perhaps I'm too critical of myself.

No "perhaps" about it, I'm my own worst critic and enemy. At least I'm here and I'm trying.
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