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Sunday, November 14, 2004

I'm still bloggin' my life away....

Every night and every day....

Visit my blog once and you'll stay and stay...

This hippy just loves to play!

Hello world! Thanks for dropping by. Take off your shoes, relax and stay a while. I've got a selection of moderately priced drinks and snacks, please place your order with your friendly waitress. And don't forget to tip!

Ok, I'm already typing utter rubbish. I'll stop now.

It's Saturday night into Sunday morning, I'm working, but then where else would I be? A bar? A club? A brothel?? Get real.

Dick Cheney's bum ticker provided me with a brief flurry of activity, but the dark uberlord of American politics was discharged from hospital after a few tests. Gasp, if he died, Bush would actually be in charge. Now that's really scary!

I went back and re-read my short-story. It's not bad, but it certainly could have done with a bit of a polish. There are themes I should have brought out more and bits of plot left hanging, but over-all I'm not disappointed with it. Sadly my true talents lurk in the background and I don't actually use what little gifts I have to their fullest potential. Wah wah wah.

I should write more and I don't mean this blogging drivel. I've had an idea for a novel for years, but I lack the discipline to work on it. Ok, it's more than an idea, it's fairly well developed, it just needs someone with a bigger attention span than a goldfish to work on it. Someday, hippy, someday.

Would you read a novel written by the hippy? How about if it had all sorts of graphic sex and violence and rampant drug abuse? Got your attention now, didn't I! Ok, so you might read it, but would you buy it? Would you spend £14.99 on the hardback or would you wait for the £5.99 paperback version. Personally, I'd wait for the film, but I would download it for free.

I'll tell you what, if one of you out there is a publisher, I can offer you first rights of refusal on my novel and if you option it and give me some cash, I'll finish the first draft for you in under 2 months. I'm serious, so are you connected? Can you get me a deal? I'll cut you in for a percentage of the film rights, that is, if you let me write the first draft of the screenplay and maybe direct it too.

Oh hippy, when you dream, you dream B-I-G. That's the thing about me, no matter how much life beats me down, and fuck me if it does all the time, I still hang on to my dreams. Dreamers and fools are often mistaken for the same thing.

This hippy hit another milestone this week, I cracked 500 hits on the blog since I started keeping track back in July. And before you start thinking I'm personally responsible for most of those hits, guess allows you to configure it so it ignores your IP address and it does with my home PC. So it wasn't me, it was all you and you and you and you and you and you and you....

As I've said before, considering I'm just one little mad ranting crazy guy in north London with no budget, no clever promotions, nothing, 500 plus hits in four months is pretty damn good. Please stand by while I pat myself on the back...

I even have a super-fan. I do. Really. I'm someone's "favoritest" blog. If you put "northlondonhippy" into Google, I bet you can find out who it is as I am not going to embarrass them here by naming them. I appreciate the support and that's no joke!

I'm still hovering around 1,970 references to the "northlondonhippy" on Google which is not too shabby either, considering I didn't coin the name until March 2003. Pretty much any search engine you try will give you loads of hits for me. Not that you need to do that, since you've already joined the vanguard of the internet elite and found my blog!

Breaking news! ODB has died. ODB = Ol' Dirty Bastard, founding member of the Wu Tang Clan. He complained of chest pains before collapsing at a Manhattan recording studio. He would have been 36 years old on Monday. See ya, ODB...!

I suppose I've rambled enough for one night and I should go back to work, or at least creating the illusion of working. Byeeeeeeeeeeee.........
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