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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It's the eve of the US elections...

I hope you've all hung your stockings up on the mantle and you've asked Santa for a Kerry victory!

The polls all suggest it's too close to call. This hippy still thinks the fix is in, but I am hoping and dreaming I'm wrong.

Please, please, please vote for John Kerry. Please make sure everyone you know votes for Kerry too. The world needs a Kerry victory.

And Bush, well, like I've said, there's cowshit that needs shovelling in Crawford, Texas and George, you are just the man to shift it!

I'm at work, it's my last night of this run. As I write this, I am watching Bruce Springsteen performing at one of Kerry's last rallies. If the Boss is for Kerry, you know he's the man to vote for tomorrow.

I finish in about 4 and 1/2 hours, I'm not back until Saturday night. Party time, hippy stylie begins. I need to blow off some serious steam!

I've got my first pin heads! Naturally I'm referring to my new magic mushroom grow kit. The strain is Koh Samui, I started it off about a week ago. If I'm lucky, I'll be taking my first flush on Friday, my last full day off. That would be excellent, because I would really enjoy trying them then. Here's hoping they are ready!

In an ideal world, I'd shroom about once a week, but this hippy doesn't live in an ideal world. Do you? Does anyone? I just know I like to get outta my head.

I'm sober right now, which is a bit dull. If it was up to me, I would be stoned all the time. Actually, I am high most of the time, so I shouldn't complain. A few moments of sobriety now again are a good reminder of why I stay high whenever possible. Most of what surrounds us, here on planet earth really sucks, so do you blame me?

Bruce just did "The Promised Land" from "Darkness on the Edge of Town" and now he's doing "Thunder Road" from "Born to Run", one of my all time fav Springsteen tracks. He dedicated Thunder Road to one of the 9/11 widows from NJ. He's just kicked into "No Surrender" from "Born in the USA", which has become a theme song for the Kerry campaign.

There is so much at stake on Tuesday that its bringing tears to my eyes. I'm serious, I'm welling up right now. Let's hope no one comes to chat with me right now, it would be hard to explain.

As much as you might not agree with this statement, I do try to remain optimistic for the future, but fuck me if sometimes its not easy. Just look around you, know what I mean. I so want to believe that Kerry can win, that he will win, but the cynic inside me just won't let me. I had high hopes for Gore in 2000, I never thought Bush jr. had a chance. I was sadly disappointed, along with the rest of the world when Bush was declared president. I never thought, four years later, that things would be as they are today.

I can't honestly say that Kerry will be a great president, only time can answer that. But I can say, without any hesitation or doubt that he will be so much better than Bush Jr. My cat would be better than Bush Jr.

And just imagine the sort of cuntiness that Bush Jr could get up to in his second term. With no possibility or need to campaign again, he could get up to anything he wanted. That prospect is far too frightening to even consider!

I'll probably be up quite late on Tuesday and am considering doing a bit of live hippy blogging while I watch the returns on tv. Would there be an appetite for that do you think? I know a good many of you are accessing this page via the RSS feed, so you'll know when I update. If there's any interest, go on and email me.

I know I've got visitors who come back regularly and I'm always interested in your feedback. If you don't wish to email, you can always add comments to any entry. And you can do it anonymously if you wish. I'd actually like more feedback from you all, good or bad. Blogging doesn't have to be one way, you know! Tell me what's on your mind, anytime!

I feel I should leave you with something more uplifting than my rambling drivel.

Michael Moore has written a little election even essay, which puts things more eloquently than I ever could, with a more positive spin on the potential outcome. You can read it for yourself right here.

Happy election day! The choice is simple, as any thinking person can attest...

GO KERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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