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Monday, November 01, 2004

Like yo....

It's the world's favourite hippy...the northlondonhippy, at your service!

Welcome to my online megalomania!

It's the 1st of November now, which is when they should be announcing the finalists in Deutsche-Welle's Best of the Blogs (BOBs). As I've mentioned, this very blog is being considered for inclusion in the shortlist. I'm so nervous! I desperately want to win this competition. Love me, love me, love me!

I know I don't have a hope in hell of making the shortlist, or actually winning anything, but a hippy can dream!

Stop press! I've just checked the BOBs website, the nominations have been posted and I didn't make the cut. The northlondonhippy is not on the shortlist. Ho hum, oh well, at least I was prepared for this disappointment. I'll need to take extra drugs to get over this personal rebuke.

I've never really ever won anything before, so why should I break a habit of a lifetime? Once a loser, always a loser. Boo-fucking-hoo...

I'll not vent my spleen at the BOB judges, surely they know best or they wouldn't be the judges. What do I know about blogs anyway?

Don't worry, disappointment and despair won't stop me, I'll keep blogging my life away whether or not I'm given awards. I'll keep blogging whether anyone reads this blog or not. I'll just keep blogging!

Monday is the final day of campaigning before the US elections. If you can believe the polls, it's a statistical dead heat. I think the polls are pointless, even the actual vote will be pointless. The fix is in, Bush will win.

God, I hope I am wrong, I pray I am wrong, but Bush will be declared the winner. I have no faith in the fairness of the US polling system. Please let this hippy be wrong!

Please vote for Kerry anyway, the hippy might be wrong. It could be *YOUR* vote that puts Kerry over the top. The entire election could hinge on you! Don't blow it.

Oh and if you are a Bush supporter, may lightening strike you before you get to your local polling station. If you are that brain-dead to think that Bush is the best choice, you deserve to die. Actually, screw the lightening, if you support Bush, you don't deserve a swift and painless deserve to suffer, the way the world is suffering due to Bush's policies, known in most circles as "kill the foreigners and destroy the planet".

You know, if Bush wins on Tuesday, America gets exactly what it deserves. America gets the dumbest, most underqualified president ever, again for 4 more years.

I think Osama Bin Laden got it right when he described the Bush administration as being as corrupt as any government in the mid-east. The rich get richer, Halliburton gets no-bid contracts, everyone is happy! Except for you smart people, but if there were more of you in America, you'd be re-electing President Gore this year instead.

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