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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Ok, I've recovered from the election. Well, as much as I can considering the godawful outcome. Welcome to the new dark ages! Start digging that bunker, especially if you're in France.

Enough already!

I'm working tonight and yes it's dull. The train crash here in the UK got everyone very excited earlier, but domestic stuff doesn't really effect me. Thankfully. The accident looked terrible and left 6 people dead and scores injured. I don't really get the British rail system, it seems to have more accidents than most. What do I know? I'm hardly an expert. There's a rumour that the crash was caused by a suicidal driver of the car that got hit at the level crossing, which means this accident could have actually been intentional. That's really shit if it is true, because some suicidal fucker took 5 innocent people with them.

If you are suicidal, please don't kill innocent bystanders! If you want to take someone with you, make sure its your enemies, enemies you know and not total strangers! It's only fair. Some people actually enjoy life. I don't know them myself, but some people do. Let them live.

My blog has had it's best ever month for visitors! I've had more than a couple of hundred hits in the last 4 or 5 weeks, which is remarkable considering how hard one has to look to find me. It's the stumble factor, but once you find me, you'll be back!

I'm getting a lot of repeat visitors as well, it seems some of you have bookmarked me (yipppeeee) and others are using the RSS/Atom feeds.

I've only just started playing around with RSS from other sites and it's a cool funtion. If you haven't used it yet, check out Mozilla Firefox, which has RSS functionality built right in. RSS is cool!

Mrs. Hippy got back on Friday morning, she was exhausted. She still is and she's been trying to catch up on her sleep. She's got some comp-time for the next week or so, she won't need to go back to work anytime soon. I'm working until Tuesday morning myself, so we will have some quality time together later in the week.

Not much else to report from hippy-world, things are pretty mellow, I'm going with the flow. I just wish the flow was getting me into my bed sooner, but at least I'll be heading in that direction in about 3 and 1/2 hours. Maybe I'll be dreaming about *you*!
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