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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The polls close on the East Coast of the USA in about 90 minutes. They should start announcing the projections not long after that, calling states and counting up the electoral votes. The West Coast polls don't close for 5 hours after that I think, with Hawaii and Alaska closing an hour after that.

Speaking of Alaska, the residents there are voting on an excellent new law, which you can read about right HERE. Dig it, this hippy might just have to buy a parka and move there! Does penguin taste good?

I know, there are no penguins in Alaska! How about polar bear steaks?

Ok, so I'm not really moving to Alaska, but if you clicked on that link, you will dig what I am talking about.

Well, since the last time I was here, I ordered some food from my favourite Malaysian take-away, Tamarind Chicken and Beef Satay, yummmmmmm! I also watched episode 10 of Carnivale. I've been watching it here on FX.UK, but it was made by HBO. Naturally.

Home Box Office makes some of the best tv in the world right now and they aren't afraid to take risks. The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Real Time with Bill Marr, and Ali G are just some of the quality programmes made by HBO that this hippy never misses!

Carnivale, like all HBO produced shows has high production values and a twisted, confused, yet engaging story. I'll reserve my final judgement until I see the last two episodes, but so far I am really enjoying it.

I've also been flipping around the 24-hour news channels, they are all naturally going big on the election. I'll probably stick with the BBC for the most part tonight, they are expected to have decent coverage, but I'll also check out a bit of SKY and CNN, plus FOXNEWS when I need a good laugh. I won't bother with ITN, they haven't got much money and it shows. Most nights, the ITN Newschannel just runs a loop of the same bulletin over and over for hours - pity them when a big story breaks overnight!

And FOXNEWS really is a joke. They are so biased it has to be a piss-take. Does anyone really believe a word broadcast by these Republican stooges and cocksuckers?

Yes, you heard me, they suck the Republican party cock. Actually, you read me, if you heard me, please see your doctor.

It seems the media is already whispering about a Kerry victory. They did this 4 years ago with Gore and oooops, look what happened. Hippy hopes must not rise! Bush is going to steal it; the fix is in!

I'm preparing myself. Hope for the best, but expect the worst. I can't think of anything worse than Bush Jr. getting a second term.

Hello to my overseas visitors! If Bush Jr. wins again, what are the chances you might be next in his invasion hit parade? Start digging that bunker in your garden tonight! Better safe than smartbombed!

Here's an observation for you...where's Colin Powell been during the entire campaign? I don't think I've seen him much at all, not even on the political talk shows. I think the answer might be obvious, he's hiding away because he's ashamed.

If Bush Jr. comes back, ol' Colin won't be joining the fun again as Secretary of State. He's had enough. He'll finish out this administration either way, but he's keeping his distance. He wants a political future.

Let the hippy predict this four years in advance. Colin Powell will run and possibly be the Republican candidate in 2008.

Fucking hell hippy, this election hasn't even been put to bed and you are making predictions for next time?

Oh yes, and guess what, campaigning for 2008 starts tomorrow! You think I'm kidding, think again!

Time to change the channel away from the satanic FOXNEWS and check something else out. Perhaps a spliff wouldn't hurt either, but then when has a spliff ever hurt anyone? Especially in Alaska.
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