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Thursday, November 25, 2004

A quick blast of the hippy is just what your doctor ordered. That is, if your doctor is the sort that prescribes pain medication even when nothing hurts!

Life hurts, so always opt for the drugs!

I'm at work, middle of the night, blah, blah, blah. It's actually been busy, but not blisteringly busy, so I'm cool. Oh come on, this hippy is always cool, tonight is no exception.

I'm quite tired, didn't get nearly enough sleep. Trust me, when you work nights, there's no such thing as enough sleep, no matter how hard you try. Come Thursday morning, my pillows and I are going to make sweet-sweet love for as many hours as I can manage.

My merry-go-round of working too much continues for another week, then I can chill out and catch my breath before the Xmas work-circus begins. I think I've got around a week off coming up and the hippy batteries will be recharged then. I'd give that a big yippppeee, if only I had the strength.

Didn't accomplish much on my days off, unless you count updating the "BEST" of the hippy. I should count it actually, since it is the only constructive thing I've done this week, outside of work.

Oh, I take that back. I also did some online computer shopping, or well, browsing really. I spent a good long time looking at the 20" iMAC, which seems like a really sweet system. I am sorely tempted, when the time comes, to purchase one. I still need to have a proper look at one in the new Apple store on Regent Street in central London, but I am very tempted.

I'm sure I'll bleat on about this until I make my final decision and pick a new one to buy. An Apple computer seems like more than just a toy, it seems like a lifestyle choice. A PC and an Apple will do the same things, it just seems an Apple might do them better and right out of the box. It's not just the design of the Apple, but the software as well. I need to test drive one.

The other computer I'm looking at is a MESH, which a friend of mine recommended. On price and features it scores quite highly and spec'd out it works out at about the same cost as the Apple I like. Apple has the edge, because of the software included with it. I would also check out Dell's prices and specs when the time comes, since I've been happy with mine for nearly 5 years.

Oh decisions, decisions, decisions. I'm still going to wait until after Xmas. Stay tuned to see which way this hippy jumps.

I still want to buy another car as well, but if I don't do it soon, I might put it off for a few months. To be honest, I would just like to go out and get one ASAP. I've been looking at 2nd hand VW Polo's, for around 3000 quid. That kind of money will get a loaded model, 4-6 years old, in good shape.

Life is too complicated. Major purchases, like everything else should be simple. And what's the hippy motto?? "Make life simple". I need to apply this philosophy to purchases as well as everything else in my life. I'm working on it.

Cars, computers, DV cameras, digital cameras, consumerism truly is my religion! At least I don't want an IPOD - well I do actually, but it's not on my list at the moment.

Enough of my special brand of drivel! Tomorrow night I'll be better rested, my wit will be sharper, I'll have direction and purpose. Well, ummm, a hippy can dream!
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