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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Yeah - the hippy's in the house!

I'm still not in your house, but for a nominal charge, I'd be happy to drop by and entertain your family and friends in person. You'd have to pay my travel costs as well, but if you're in London, it wouldn't be that expensive.

Christ, could you imagine if the northlondonhippy really did make personal appearances? The thought of that even scares me, I imagine it would frighten the beejeezus out of the rest of you! Fear not, I'm remain hidden behind my PC until further notice. What's the point of having a secret internet identity, if you don't keep it a secret?

Since last I dropped by, I haven't actually done very much. Mainly I slept about 7 hours. Oh and I watched a film when I got home on Friday morning, one that I had recorded on my SKY+ a couple of nights before. It was called "NEW BLOOD" and for a film I've never heard of, it wasn't bad at all. Actually, it was fairly entertaining for a b-movie crime film and it more than adequately filled a 98 minute hole in my morning un-wind session.

I'm back here again on Saturday night. I bet many of you find that strange as Saturday night is probably your night to party. I've worked shifts and odd hours for well over 15 years, so for me it's very normal. When your life is based on Monday to Friday, then Saturday night means something. Not to me, any night can be Saturday night when your off.

I hate working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. It's just so normal and boring. I can do my shopping and errands during the week, while the rest of you are slaving away. See, not everyone at the mall on a Wednesday afternoon is unemployed!

It's fucking cold outside again tonight, which as a smoker, is a real drag. You could say the cold weather is good for my health, since I'm smoking less. I'd prefer to smoke more.

I'd love to stay here and continue typing my special brand of drivel for you all night, but I'm getting hungry and might need to rustle up a hippy-snack. I can sense a bacon sarnie in my future!
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