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Friday, November 26, 2004

Yep, I'm back just like I promised. And they say never trust a hippy. Bullshit to that.

I rang my mother earlier to wish her a happy Thanksgiving. It was a brief call, I didn't have much time to chat. She sounded OK, well as OK as someone who's survived a major stroke and the loss of her partner of nearly 50 years. I'm going to make an effort to phone her next week for a proper chat. I'm a shitful son, really.

The government in the UK is launching a raft of new anti-drug laws as part of their "scare the public" campaign. There's going to be a general election here sometime next year...May the fifth if you want to believe what they write in the tabloids.

Here's the can this gov't even think about approaching the country's drug problems when they still have sorted out a harm reduction policy on alcohol. Alcohol is the drug that fucks up more people than all the other drugs combined, why don't they do something about that?

Simple really, the brewers and distilleries make campaign contributions, drug dealers don't. Ohhh, maybe I'm on to something....

Drug dealers of the UK, unite. Start kicking some of your ill-gotten gains towards politics. Form an action group, or a lobby group and let your voices be heard!

Trust me, if dope dealers were major campaign contributors, you'd see some more sensible laws regarding drugs.

It's true, booze is responsible for more health problems, injuries and pre-mature deaths than any other substance. But booze is legal and heavy drinking is encouraged.

The politics of fear is boring. Look out for that boogey man. Osama's hiding in your fridge, be careful when you take out the orange juice tomorrow morning or he'll jump out and get you. Maybe we better ban OJ or better yet, fridges!

They say honest people shouldn't fear the new security measures, ID cards and the like. The truth is, honest people are the ones who should be the most afraid. Criminals will find a way around these plans, they always do. I'm not digging any of this, but then I'm a civil libertarian. Oh and don't forget, secular humanist - which is a fancy way of saying I have common sense.

I'm not as tired tonight, I got around 6 and 1/2 hours of quality sleep today. I didn't set an alarm, so it was fucking lucky I woke up on time! I've still got over 5 hours remaining, and then I'm back on Friday night for even more fun!

I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but there is a reasonable chance of some serious shrooming on Sunday. Oh please oh please oh please may I spend some time worshipping my mushroom god! A friend of mine is suppose to drop by sometime on Sunday afternoon, but I'm sure he could cope with me being completely off my face. I know I sure could cope with it! We'll see what Sunday brings!
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