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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Yep, I'm still awake. I'm home. I'm nice.

I've just enjoyed a special screening of the new film from Pixar, "The Incredibles". It was outstanding. It has a great script, really well plotted and realised, perfectly timed and hilariously funny.

This hippy doesn't laugh out loud very often, but I'll admit to some guffaws and belly laughs. The animation is so good, you'll forget it is CG. You even forget it’s animation, at least I did. I can't recommend this one enough kids. I can't wait for the sequel. Tell me there's going to be sequel!

The writer/director is called Brad Bird. Hey Hollywood, if you're listening, give this guy some more money and let him make whatever he wants. He's earned it.

Seriously, go see it, it's good fun. I think you're getting that I really dug it. This hippy gives it five yippppppeeees, which is the maximum on my hippy-yippppeeee scale.

Thanks to Shashank for the comment he left offering his advice on buying an Apple. He's not the first person to recommend them to me. That's the thing about Apple owners, they're fiercely loyal to the brand and wouldn't buy I PC if you held a gun to their heads. God knows I've tried that one more than once. They don't budge and it’s a waste of a bullet.

A colleague at work pointed out that the extra cost can be justified by the stylish design and cornucopia of software that comes pre-installed on a Mac. Fair point and I will keep it in mind when I visit the Apple store for a test drive.

Right out of the box a Mac has a full suite of office-ie software (WP, DB, SS etc) plus Garage Band (for recording music, which I still think about doing), video editing software, photo-editing, DVD burning etc. All cool things in my book that would make a similarly dressed-up PC cost the same if not more. I'm going to wait till after Xmas to make the purchase, so I've still got some time to decide.

My one concern about going for a Mac which I need to investigate is whether or not there are clients for things like eDonkey and Bittorrent, since I use both for various downloads. I'd miss having them, especially Bittorrent, so I need to work this out before I decide as well.

And hey, Shashank, if you're reading this, thanks for being one of my regular visitors and dare I say my first "super-fan". If you lived in the UK, I really would have given you my car. That's just the kind of mad, crazy hippy I am! Thanks for your support, it's appreciated...

And with that my loyal legions of hippyfans, I bid you a very pleasant good day.
If you aren't a hard core gamer (which I suspect you aren't), then most everything there is for windows is also for the mac. A little roster (in no particular order) of software for the mac:

(1) messaging: AIM, iChat, Yahoo!, MSN (all work equally well or better)

(2) shit (MS) software: Office X (word, ppt... the whole shebang)

(3) p2p (yummm!): iSwipe (a super client that connects to eDonkey, gnutella, kazaa, you name it), tomato torrent (the best BT client. period).

(4) mail, newsgroups etc: OS X Mail (for mail only), tons of newsreaders...

(5) software devlpt: everything UNIX has to offer... which is a lot

(6) other: iTunes, iPhoto, iCal (calendar software), tons of media players.

anything left? shiit, i feel like a pusher for apple.

to find any of these, and a lot more, just google. hippy, stay cool: get a mac :)
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