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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Don't let it be said I don't keep my promises because looky here motherfucker, I'm back. And I'm a real hep cat, daddy-o. Dig it.

The gas-man was early, which was good for this hippy. I managed to get up to my local high street for a spot of shopping and errand running. I also did some laundry, changed the bedding, hoovered and did the washing-up. I rock.

Another one of my net orders arrived today, just like I was hoping. This delivery consisted of 2 different forms of the same thing, something called Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum). I got ordered one gram of the 25x Kanna extract as well as Kanna Lollies. I tried a lolly today and it definitely had a mild effect, I reckon the extract will be stronger, perhaps I'll try that tonight.

Remember, I've also got the Kratom capsules, the Happy Cap Lounge-E's, and a pile of shrooms as well. Oh and don't forget the spliff too. Recreational drugs aren't just for xmas you know, they're for life! Just like this hippy!

The site I've ordered the Kanna from is quite an interesting one, it's called Deva Ethnobotanicals and they stock some unusual herbs and natural highs. Shaman and various tribes around the world use many of them for rituals and such. I'm quite interested in exploring Ayahuasca, which can be made from various combinations of ingredients. I need to do a bit more research before delving into it, as it seems like some real serious stuff. When the time is right and I'm ready, I'll give it a go.

How can anyone say drugs are wrong when they just feel so goddamn right! That could be the kanna talking, as it acts as a mood elevator. It's also supposed to feel euphoric, but I wouldn't go that far in describing the effects of the lollypop I had. I'm sure the extract will be stronger. Also, it seemed to combine nicely with some weed. I'm feeling very mellow.

I've got one more delivery that I'm expecting, which mostly consists of xmas presents for Mrs. Hippy. Shhhhhhh! I can't say what they are, because occasionally she likes to read this blog. She says it's the only way she can keep up with what's happening in my wild and crazy, fast paced world. I added the wild'n'crazy part myself!

For me, coming back and reading my blog is the only way I can remember what I've gotten up to. I have no memory of anything before last March, when I started this blog. I'm like a goldfish, only not as small and without gills.

Do your funky dance in your funky pants! Dig it fuckers!
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