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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Guess where I am...go on, have a guess. Go on, go on...

Yep, you'd be right, as foreshadowed earlier, I'm making an unscheduled guest appearance at work. Yawn. I shouldn't complain, but here I am complaining anyway. I could have done without working tonight, but it's money in the bank, which is never a bad thing. At least it's a one-off...until Sunday anyway.

January is still looking light for me, but hopefully it will pick up before too long. December is too busy.

I'm still agonizing over whether or not to go to the xmas party I've been invited to on Friday night. It's nowhere near my north London lair, which is one of the many things putting me off the idea of going. If I was smart, I'd blow out the party and spend the day shroomed to the eyeballs instead. That would do me more good than any party ever could. We'll see.

Perhaps I should be more social, especially as it's the very first work-related event I can attend since I started here last Spring. Actually, it's the only event I'm free to attend. Well, I take that back, there's another one next week, and I could attend, but it would be big and corporate and not this hippy's scene so I've elected not to even consider this one. Smart move.

I'm more concerned with the party on Friday night since it's at someone's home. No, I don't think my attendance will make or break the party, but I get so few invites and accept even fewer that I feel I should make the effort. The problem is that it is feeling more like a burden than a party. I know the answer already, I just shouldn't go. I suppose I'll ring them sometime on Friday with some sort of lame, yet convincing excuse.

I'm still agonizing over the purchase of a new hippymobile. If I don't score one tomorrow or Friday, then I won't have another chance until January which would be a bummer. What I should do is stroll over to some local car-lots and see what they have in stock for immediate delivery. Buying a cheap-o used car shouldn't be this difficult or stressful. It's not like I'm breaking the bank on some fancy & expensive new car. If I do go for a VW Polo, they hold their value and I could turn around in a year and trade it in or sell it without too much trouble. Fuck it, I've got to buy a car dammit, so I really should bite the bullet and just fucking do it. Tomorrow morning actually! Be decisive hippy and all will be well!

If you haven't been able to surmise from my woefully depressive entries this week, this hippy's not really having the time of his life. C'est la vie.

Like the New Labour Party theme-tune from 1997, "Things Can Only Get Better." Look how well all that worked out for Tony Blair and his friends, I'm sure things will be better for this hippy in no-time.

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