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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hello hippyfans, your legions grow in numbers every day.

This won't be a long entry, I haven't got all that much to say. I've got plenty of time though, with the world is winding down as xmas approaches.

I didn't sleep nearly enough today, though that was my fault. I was working on something else this morning, which kept me awake later than planned. I'm feeling quite exhausted.

What I need is a big fat juicy dose of shrooms, but there will be no chance for that this week. Time is just too tight. I've got the kratom and Happy Caps though and one of them will be sampled in the next few days. Maybe even both, if I'm clever. I used to be clever, these days I'm pretty dull, so we'll see.

I'm not the only one who thinks drugs are the answer, Robbie Williams made some controversial comments in an interview regarding his love of drugs as well. Rather than me regurgitating it, through the miracle of HTML, you can read it for yourself RIGHT HERE.

If you don't know who Robbie Williams is, you are probably in the US of A, where he's never really caught on. Here in the rest of the world, he is a major pop star, especially in the UK. His last record deal was in the region of 80 million pounds, which is US dollars is around 150 million. So yeah, he's pretty big. Some of his music is pretty good, check it out.

Basically, he's said that the best times of his life were when he was taking drugs, specifically a mix of charlie, E and booze. That's a combo I know quite well myself and can personally attest to the pleasure of that mix.

Robbie says he stopped because it made him gain weight and if it didn't, he'd still be enjoying them. Since I'm fat already, that wasn't a problem for me, but it wasn't doing my physical or mental health any good, which is why I stopped. I haven't touched coke or MDMA in over 2 years. Yippeee for the hippy and his natural highs.

Robbie has been widely criticized for his comments already, which is foolish. He's just being honest about his experiences with drugs. If more people were honest about their experiences, perhaps we'd all have a better, more honest perspective on the truth about drugs.

When you're that rich, you can say whatever the fuck you like and get away with it. With me, when you're this anonymous, you can say anything you like as well. The difference is, people pay attention to what Robbie says, nobody cares what this hippy says!

Except you, my loyal fan base, who hang on my every word!

As the self-proclaimed "most shroomtastic stoner on the internet" as well as being the "biggest internet celebrity you've never heard of", I should be uniquely positioned to offer my services as journalist, commentator and general expert on the world of drugs. Somebody somewhere should hire me to be their illicit drugs correspondent.

I'm punctual, never miss a deadline and could provide a wide range of fact, opinion and personal experience on the subject of drugs. I await offers from all areas of the media, be in online, radio, tv or print. My rates are reasonable, at least until I'm famous and my only condition would be that I remain anonymous. That's not too much to hope for, is it?

God I wish I brought some spliff with me tonight. I am just so bored and I've got nearly 5 hours left to go. Yawn. Anyway, that's it for now, catch ya tomorrow when hopefully I'll be high as the proverbial kite on something or other! Until then, keep those positive vibes coming my way!
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