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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I am sooooo tired. Still. Again. It seems like I'm always tired these days. I'm getting old. I feel like I've aged dramatically in the last few months. I wonder if I look like it?

Hey, score one for us drug users! The judge hearing the magic mushroom case (as mentioned by this hippy in my previous 2 entries)appears to have thrown it out of court. You can read the Guardian's take on the subject RIGHT HERE.

This is good news, though my interpretation is that parliament may now be forced to clarify the law. That could be bad news, since we all know what the lawmakers will decide already, to ban them outright. This is just my guess.

My joke about the UK government is this: When the roof leaks, they don't try to patch it. They just ban the rain. That's there approach to all of societies ills, rather than approach a problem sensibly, they just try to ban it.

At least they'll continue to sell fresh shrooms legally here in the UK which means the party can keep going for a little while longer. I'll enjoy 'em for as long as I can.

I've had no reply to my letter to the Guardian. I expect they've already placed it in their "nutter" file, which is a shame, because a weekly hippy column would be a great addition to their excellent newspaper. And I'd work cheap, so they don't know what they're missing!

When I get home tomorrow morning, I'll be placing an order for some with a website I've not tried before. It's called RED EYE FROG and they stock a wide variety of shroom strains. I've heard good things about the Colombians, so I'll probably give them a go. I'll opt for the overnight delivery, since I'll be trapped at home on Thursday, awaiting the gas man, who is coming to do the annual service on my central heating.

What a glamorous life you need Herr Hippy!

There are a few other things I'll need to order from the net as well, so Thursday is my day to be stuck at home. On Friday I have some work-related business to attend to in the morning, then on Friday night, I'm avoiding yet another xmas party. Come Saturday night, well, I'm back at work.

Just about every minute of the next few days is already accounted for, I don't know how I'm going to find the time to look for or buy a car! All I really want to be doing is sleeping.
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