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Friday, December 17, 2004

I see England, I see France, I see your goddamn underpants. So tuck them in and don't be so disgusting....

Sorry, I'm tired, I was up early after a night of too little sleep. There's just not enough time in the day and not enough days in the week. Yawn. I still should have a better opening.

As if the middle bit is going to be any better.

I've not done very much today, aside from some work-related business for a few hours this morning.

Oh, I know, I spoke to my mother earlier. That's something. She sounded OK. She talked about coming to visit me here in fabulous north London, once she can walk again.

Come again?

I know I heard her correctly, I'm just not sure if she is deluding herself into thinking she could make such a long journey. I doubt she would be up to it and she could never get travel insurance with her current state of health. What if she needed medical treatment? And she'd need to bring her live-in home-helper with her, as well, that wouldn't be cheap. None of it would be cheap, since the dollar is so worthless at the moment and that's the currency she'd be spending.

She said she wanted to stay with me! I'd love it to be possible, but I can't see her being able to do it. She'd never be able to negotiate the stairs in my lair.

I'm not being negative, just realistic. Maybe she's losing her marbles. I just can't see this being a genuine possibility.

Oh god it's just all so fucking depressing.

I hear those sleigh bells ringing and people singing ho ho....

I've actually been thinking that I should write something special for xmas. You know, some sort of hippy plea for world peace, something uplifting, a message of hope for one and all.

But then I thought, fuck that shit, man. Life sucks and drugs really are the answer.

See, I saved it all up for that killer finish!
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