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Thursday, December 23, 2004

If it were any earlier, it would be last night!

It's just gone 7am and I'm awake, been up for about 30 minutes. Don't know why precisely, though my alarm was set for 7:30am anyway, so this is not a tragedy of any serious proportions.

My cunning plan is to visit the supermarket within the hour, get the last of my pre-xmas food shopping finished, bring it all home, then walk up to my high street for the last of my shopping. Mainly I need to renew a prescription, plus pick up a few tiny things. All in all, the day is looking managable so far. If I really get it all done, I might try to grab a short nap, stay up really late tonight and sleep through most of tomorrow. Xmas eve is my first night of 5 and while I expect them to all be fairly dull and uneventful, it would be nice to be rested for them all.

Mrs Hippy and I are both working this weekend, so we won't see much of each other, nor will we be having xmas dinner together. Don't be sad for us, we'll make the most of whatever time we share and we're planning on big celebrations for New Year's Eve, which is when we will celebrate together.

We haven't gone big on gifts this year, I have a few for Mrs H and I think she has one main gift for me. What I really wanted for xmas was to find a medium priced, second hand VW Polo anyway, but I'm sure I'll be able to locate one come the new year - ooooops, that's only 8 days away. It will take me more time than that, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I'll be behind the wheel of my new car.

And don't forget my new computer as well, I hope to be purchasing one very soon. I'm still leaning towards the Apple G5 iMAC, but until I play with one, the decision remains open. Betcha can't wait to see which way I jump. I know, the anticipation must be driving you wild!

I'm also aiming to write a proper hippy xmas message. Maybe I'll start on it today, if I have the time. I'm planning an ecclectic mix of a look back at the previous year and a glance forward to 2005. Can you think of anything more entertaining? I know I can't!

Oh and before I forget, I tried out the Happy Caps Lounge-E's last night, they were subtle, yet relaxing and pleasant. I took the stated dose, which is 2x capsules, but I've found with these herbal highs, to really get anywhere, you need to exceed the recommended dose. Next time, if there is a next time, that's just what I'm planning to do.

I've still got the kratom, that kanna and the shrooms, though I don't know if I will get to any of that today or tonight. You never know, I might just surprise myself and do something else later today. There's only one way for you to find out if I do any more interesting legal drugs today and that's to tune back into the hippy, you already know how to find me!
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