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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I'm back, did you wear out your refresh button waiting for me? Sorry, sometimes real life interferes with my secret online activities.

Speaking of secret, I did a search on Google for "secret internet identity" and guess what? There weren't as many hits as I expected...38 to be precise, as of a couple of days ago anyway.

You would have thought that more people would have a secret internet ID's, as being a secret somebody online is a pretty damn cool thing to be. Certainly it's cooler than being a real-world nobody. And yes, I speak from experience on that one. Maybe you do too.

Most people are nobodies, but no one tells you that when you're a kid. Most people are inconsequential, very few have an impact on anything or any one. In other words, we're all in good company. Nobodies of the world unite! We could rule this place if we were just a bit more organised!

It's not such a hardship, being a nobody. You can skirt through the fringes of life, invisible and undisturbed. There's a lot to me said for invisibility. I've made a career out it.

The Japanese have an expression, "the nail that sticks up the most, gets smacked down the hardest." I'm paraphrasing, since I don't actually speak Japanese, but you get the idea. If you call attention to yourself, you're inviting scrutiny and criticism. Best to stay invisible everywhere, except online.

Here in my magical world of online megalomania, I can be anyone, do anything, my prospects are limitless. As long as I maintain my secret internet identity, no one can touch me. I like being untouchable.

I can write about sex & drugs & rock'n'roll to my heart's content. I can imagine myself performing all sorts of heroic feats, which can impress and amuse one and all. And the real beauty is I don't even need to leave my house to do it.

The big news today is that the word "blog" has been added to the dictionary this year....and it has been voted the top new word of the year as well....don't believe me? Go on, give us a click RIGHT HERE. How cool is that?

Perhaps I'm part of the vanguard of the internet elite as well. And here I thought it was just my legions of hippyfans! But after all, as well as being the most famous internet celebrity you've never heard of, first and foremost, I'm a blogger. I'm blogging my life away, every night and every day. That ought to count for something.
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