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Monday, December 13, 2004

I'm soooooooooooo tired. Hardly suprising since I've been awake for 17 hours already. I've got four more hours to go here and then around another hour to get home. By the time I reach my bed, it will be 10am and I will have been up for nearly 24 hours.

I'm getting too old for this shit, man. No wonder I keep falling asleep on the sofa before 11pm every night I'm off. Yawn.........

It's ok, I will survive, I always do.

Had an email from my younger (now estranged) brother, my first proper communication from him since the end of June. He was only writing to pass on a message from my mother, who sounded quite upset. Near as I can tell, my mother's part-time home-helpers mother died. Also there seems to be some problem with money, which didn't really make sense based upon the little I know about her financial picture. Mainly, my older half-brother hadn't been to see her in a couple of weeks, and somehow this factors into the drama as well.

My brother only wrote me at my mother's insistence. I'm not really sure what she was hoping I could about it, considering I am 3,000 miles away and not exactly wealthy myself. All his email did was upset me and make me feel even more useless.

I'm not really even in a position to phone her until Weds or Thurs. I don't know what to do. Wait, yes I do, I'm going to do nothing, since it is my specialty. I'm a shit son, but that's hardly urgent breaking news, is it?

This is just another in a long line of really dull hippyposts. Maybe its the cumulative fatigue I'm feeling or perhaps I've run out of interesting things to write about. I need to raise the bar again.

All this was more fun when I was a bit manic and pursuing world-wide-web domination. I'm still the biggest internet celebrity that no-one's every heard of, aren't I?
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