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Thursday, December 09, 2004

I'm still awake and it's nearly 5pm. It's amazing what a little coffee and determination can do for you.

I think I've located a car and if the gods are smiling on me tomorrow morning I will go out and make it mine. A local dealer has a Polo that fits my requirements, 5 speed, 5-door with a 1.4 litre engine at the right price. The colour is not ideal, it's also green, but a much darker shade than the other one I mentioned. It will do.

My cunning plan is to head over there tomorrow morning when they open. I will inspect the car carefully, I will even test drive it. If I'm digging the car, I will buy it then and there. Well, if they take VISA I will, otherwise I'll need to go to my bank and get a draught or cash or something. My bank is not far from the car dealer, so it's not a problem.

The car's been independently inspected and comes with a one-year parts and labour guarantee. How cool is that!

The only thing I'll need to do is change the stereo to something a bit fancier than a radio/cassette player. I want RDS and a CD player that will handle MP3s and there are bargains to be had on them at the moment as well. They'll even install it for ya, which is good if you are useless with stuff like that as I am.

This hippy knows a good deal when he sees one. I'll be back on four wheels from tomorrow. Groovy.

I’m still not sure about the party tomorrow night. I'm sure I should go, but since when do I do anything I should? How about nearly never? Wow, I used italics.

I'm already concocting clever excuses for my non-attendance, just in case. They're not that clever really, I might just tell them the dog ate it. It's an oldie but a goody, much like me.

Ok, I think I'm in a slightly better mood, it's probably just temporary psychosis from the lack of sleep. I'm aiming for another 6 hours of consciousness, if the giant squirrel sitting here would stop talking. Don't you hate it when they drop by unannounced with nothing but a coffeecake and long boring stories about gathering nuts for the winter?

I think having an action plan regarding the car tomorrow is making me feel better as well. I can drive a dark green car, after all, it's the colour of my favourite substance.

I'm talking about weed, naturally. If you've read anything this hippy's written, you should be aware of my long love affair with marijuana. I suppose there's some sense in a hippy driving a green car. I can pretend it's environmentally friendly. Like walking.

At least it's not an SUV. Mrs. Hippy says she wouldn't even let me have one if I wanted an SUV. Luckily I don't, so don't worry. They are silly vehicles to have in cities, driven by fools. That's why I'm going for something small and non-petrol guzzling. It's the right car at the right time. I can drive to work next week.

Gosh, I think I might even be feeling up to a little yipppppeeee. But only a small one, please. You wouldn't want to overwhelm me, I haven't actually purchased the car yet!
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