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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I'm sure you've heard the news by now, that America has decided not to send any aid or relief supplies to the quake/tidal wave zone. The Bush administration instead is taking a different tack. They've announced their new initiative, they've decided to launch a full scale war against earthquakes.

The US government has contracted the Halliburton Corp to develop a system to hold the planet's tectonic plates in place. The plan, budgeted for over 20 billion dollars (US), expected to take at least 15 years to implement should be as successful as the "star wars" missile defense system.

A press spokesperson for Mr. Bush said that the "war on drugs" and the "war on terror" have gone so well, it was time to launch a newer, smarter war against earthquakes. When asked if the money could better spent helping the survivours of this disaster, they said "But why? Most of them aren't even American."

Ok, I'm making jokes about a serious subject. Perhaps I shouldn't. Too late, I already did.

Would it surprise you if that was America's response to this global catastrophe? They declare war on everything, why not quakes? As long as they don't declare war on hippies, I'm cool. Of course, if they did, I'd still be cool, since they couldn't ever win against me!

It's looking less and less likely that I'm going to have time for my hippy review of the year. I haven't given up on the idea, I just don't see when I'll have the free time to do it justice. I don't want to do a half-assed job of it, I want to do this right!

It has been an eventful year for me on a few levels, both personally and professionally and I'd like to be able to tie it all up into one perfect entry. I'd also like to win the lottery jackpot and be a foot taller. We'll see if any of those things happen in the next few days.

I'm 60 hits away from my goal of 1,000 visitors to my blog. With 4 days left in the year, I'd only need an average of 15 hits per day to crack it. It's not going to happen either, is it? Well, I haven't given up yet, so tell your friends about the hippy! Turn them all into hippyfans! You know it makes sense, and they'll love you for the tip!

I'm still tracking visitors through, which is the service that provides the hit counter for this blog. I can see that I have a few more regular visitors to the site and naturally I encourage repeat business. Plus I'm still getting more people stumbling upon the blog through Google searches, which I'm sure is a pleasant surprise for them.

It doesn't matter how you find this blog, what counts is that you made it here. Remember, becoming a hippyfan means you are now a card carrying member of the vanguard of the internet elite! Well done you for getting here, but now that you've arrived, you should really bookmark the hippy! Become a regular visitor and get a free tee-shirt (subject to availability in your area). Better yet, sort out the RSS/ATOM feed, then you won't need to come to the hippy, you can make the hippy come to you!

Don't know about RSS/ATOM? Shame on you, just click HERE for a quick "how-to" guide. Don't like that site, Google can help you find others.

And with that, this hippy's going back to work, Tuesday night is my last night of working in 2004. I'll be yippppppeeeeee mad by then!

And I know I started out taking the piss a bit about the quake and tidal waves, but please spare a thought for the people out there in Asia. The death toll may very well top 100,000 people, with millions homeless and displaced. This hippy will be making a donation as soon as there's a charity set up to help them and you should too. Byeeeeee
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