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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It sounds like the British government might be poised to start pissing all over our party. According to a report in Tuesday's edition of the Guardian newspaper, the authorities are getting ready to go after people who sell my favourite drug, fresh magic mushrooms. Oh no. Oh shit. The fuckers.

Wanna read it for yourself? This hippy can help, if you would be so kind as to put a well aimed "click" right HERE.

It would seem to me, that much like their policy on the sale of shrooms, this recent development appears to be poorly organised and ill-conceived. While the Home Office talks a good game and probably wants to rid the world of these funny fungi, they also slap a charge of 17.5% VAT on them. Can you sense the nonsense in this approach?

You can't have it both ways, fuckers! Either tax 'em and sell 'em (like they should do with all drugs, even the scary ones) or ban 'em. One or the other please.

But where does this leave your favourite hippy from north London and is current drug of choice? According to the Guardian article, the coppers in London aren't bothered by shroom stalls in the markets. Makes sense, since they have bigger fish to fry, like knife crime, gun crime and the quest for freshly fried donuts! Also, I'm guessing that the internet-based shroom suppliers will be low on the list to shut down. I should be OK for a while.

Plus, I still have the knowledge and skills to grow my own with a kit and if I was really pushed, I could probably even sort out how to do it from scratch with sporeprints. I'm cool no matter what.

I was planning on ordering some fresh shrooms this week anyway, maybe I should get loads!

Speaking of orders, I placed one with Amazon on Monday for a few xmas gifts for Mrs. Hippy. No, I am not going to tell you what I bought her. The package should arrive in the next week or so. I may pick her up a couple more small things as well.

I had plans to write about something else tonight, but the Guardian article has distracted me from that. I think it might be time for the northlondonhippy to finally write a "letter to the editor" rebutting this shroom-ban nonsense. I wonder if they'll print it? They will have to, since I am the self-proclaimed "most shroomtastic stoner" on the internet. Keep watching this space.
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