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Saturday, December 11, 2004

No car for you hippy! That's 2 days running. The privately held one I phoned up on had already been sold. So it goes. But there is hope, I've found another dealer who has several in stock right now, the catch is that it's a few miles from here and not reachable via public transport. I don't think I'll have to time visit it anytime soon.

I haven't given up hope, somewhere in the north London area, there is moderately priced Polo waiting to become the new hippymobile. I just need to find it.

Hey! Are you in north London? Do you have a VW Polo, 5 door, 1.4 litre, petrol powered in a reasonable colour? Would you like to sell it to the hippy? Go on, get in touch! You know it makes sense!

Otherwise, I'm having a very lazy ol' day today. Been up for hours, 5 to be precise. Other than a bit of laundry business and a shower, I've not been up to much. I'm in the middle of whipping up a spot of lunch while I type my special brand of drivel.

I'll spare you the menu du jour, but once my lunch is ready, I'm going park myself on the sofa in front of the tv and enjoy it while watching something. I don't know what yet, but there's bound to be something on.

My December work merry-go-round properly gets underway tomorrow night. I won't have much time to anything, so I'm planning a major internet shopping spree on Monday morning, for delivery later in the week. Besides a few xmas gifts for Mrs. Hippy, I'm going to be ordering some hippy supplies, which means blunt wrappers, fancy rolling papers and a heap of fresh shrooms!

I'll still keep an eye out for a car, but with my limit time and weird hours, it's unlikely I'll be scoring one anytime soon. Never say never, as they say, whoever they are. They should mind their own fucking business.
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