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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


I neglected to mention this earlier, but thanks to pressure from the film industry in Hollywood, my favourite site for BitTorrent has gone down for good. It's a sad day for downloaders, which includes this hippy.

I'd been using for quite a while now. Since I'm anonymous here, I'll cop to downloading music, films and American tv shows, strictly for my own personal enjoyment. Recall all those "special screenings" I've mentioned for first-run films? They mostly came from BitTorrent and Surpnova.

I don't make copies and sell them, I don't even give them to my mates. And I don't keep copies, once I view something, I delete it. I never burn films onto CD or DVD. All I did is watch them, does that make me a criminal?

In the eyes of the copyright holders, I'm sure it does, but what do they offer as a substitute for pirate downloads? Sweet fuck-all. Until they can provide a viable alternative, we should all keep downloading stuff for free. I'd happily pay a few quid to download a first run film for my viewing pleasure, but no one offers this service.

Martin Luther King famously once said that "an unjust law should be broken" and it is one's moral responsibility to do so. I've always applied his philosophy to drugs and my use of them. Drug laws are nonsensical, so they should be broken at every possible opportunity.

It's the same with downloads. The law's are stupid and so are the film companies. Why should I wait 6 months to see a film in the UK, when it has already been released in the US and Europe? I shouldn't, the studios should make sure its available everywhere at the same time. Until there is a legal way to get content off the net, stick to downloading for free!

The music industry is slowing getting its act together, with legal sites like iTunes and Coke's MyMusic, if you want to purchase music online, you can. That's a viable alternative and they really need to do something similar with films as well.

I'll get off my soapbox now and simply close by sending my thanks to who-ever it was that ran They might have crushed your website, but they can't crush your spirit. I'm sure they'll be back in some form or another, before the film industry can get its act together. Good luck to 'em and keep the pirate material coming!
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