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Friday, December 03, 2004

There can be only one northlondonhippy and I am he...

...and he is home...

...and that is good!

Thought I would give you a quick blast of the hippy, while I was feeling all awake and brimming with energy. I've just lit my first spliffie since arriving at my lair, so hopefully I'll be feeling more chilled out in no time.

There's no such thing as being too chilled out.

At work, people have clocked how cool I remain, regardless of what chaos might be going on around me. The clever people anyway. It's all-good. I'm always cool, but what's cooler than being cool?


So yeah, I'm cool, but I am not the coolest. Damn, I am certainly not ice-cold! I am honest however, which only adds to my cool cred.

What is cool? What is hip? Certainly this hippy is hip, but then I've explained before I am not really a hippy. Not in the classic, sandal wearing, love-bead sporting, peacenik sense anyway.

But that's cool, I've got a hippy's spirit and a hippy's appetite for drugs. I'm not work shy, one thing this hippy ain't is lazy.

That's not strictly true either, but when it comes to working and getting paid for it, no one works harder than me. If someone would pay me, I really would write my novel as well as a few screenplays and I've got some kick-ass ideas for tv shows too. I just need someone to take an interest and back it up financially.

Ya see, if I'm on the clock, then my work ethic kicks in and I'd never miss a deadline. Left to my own devices and well, I suppose lazy might be the right word actually.

I love having a vivid and over-active imagination, but when it comes to sitting down and spitting it out on paper or a PC, I find that more difficult. Again, my attention span and willingness to pay attention to detail is exponentially increased with the addition of a financial incentive.

That's one very good reason why I'm digging the blogging scene so much. I think it, type it and click on "publish" and it's out there for the world to see. Instant gratification!

That's it, isn't it? Dealing with delayed gratification has never been one of my stronger qualities. If I could finish my novel, or a screenplay, it very well might sell, but there are no guarantees. Worse shit than mine gets published and produced every day, so I suppose I've got as good a chance as anyone has.

But it's not just the delayed gratification, there's something more...the fear of rejection. Here on my blog, if someone isn't digging my work, they can just not come back or leave a snotty comment and be done with it. If I spent the next, I don't know, six months writing my novel, one word at a time, then sent it out to agents and publishers and they told me it was shit...fuck me, I wouldn't handle that so well.

Actually, I might swear out some sort of blood-oath vendetta against the critic and vow not to rest until my work was avenged. Silly, I know, but possible to the extreme. I know the best revenge would be to sell it anyway, even if someone told me it was shit.

Opinions are like assholes, they say, everybody's got one. Some people would love my work, others would hate it, that's just the nature of art. It's all so subjective.

Is my blog art? Now there’s a proper question.

Naturally, I'd like to pretend its art, in a post-modernist sort of way. It depends upon your definition, something philosophers have argued about forever,

I'll give you my very personal and partial definition. Art is anything that is created to elicit an emotional response. Whether it makes you laugh or cry, love or hate, at its most basic level art should make you feel something.

Following on from that, successful art should then be something that conveys the emotion as the artist intended. No art could completely pass that test, since the consumer of the art's response would be totally subjective.

So is my blog art? Do cheap laughs count as emotion? Do I only go for cheap laughs? Some of it is bound to be poignant as well, touching even. Do my twisted thoughts and honest approach translate into art?

Fucked if I know. Answers on a postcard please.

Sorry to get all serious and deep on your bad-ass, but I was getting a bit bored with all the world-wide-web domination shtick. I know it's satire at it's most biting and all that, but I guess I needed a break from it. Normal whimsical service is bound to resume soon, keep tuned to this station for further updates.
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