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Monday, December 06, 2004

There was no shrooming on Sunday. There never seems to be any shrooming any more. Some things are more important than shrooming. I'l stop making promises I can't keep.

This is a low-key hippy. I'm mellow and relaxed about everything. I don't need shroom sessions to stay cool, I'm like that naturally. Dig it.

I may ring up about some cars today, though I am not feeling particularly rested. Yawn. Didn't sleep nearly enough, damn weather made me wake up with a stuffed-up nose. I think that's what woke me up. I really need to buy a car this week, because if I don't, I won't have another chance for ages and ages.

When I go back to work, I get really busy, really quickly. I'm doing something like 12 out of 16 or 17 nights, right through till the end of the year. Money, money, money, who loves ya?

So sorting out my new hippymobile is essential in the next few days. I'm ready to move quickly on it and if I get lucky today, could have it parked outside by Weds or Thurs. There are a few VW Polos for sale in my local area, here in fabulous north London.

There's even one really close, I'm talking walking distance. It sounds like exactly what I am looking for, except for the colour, light metallic green. It's not a colour I would choose, but I said I wouldn't let colour be a deal-breaker. I should look at it I suppose, since it's going for the right price.

God, I got so distracted by my car searching and stuff, that I wandered away from the PC and forgot I was in the middle of blogging. I even went and had a shower! How dozy am I today?

I just priced out insurance for my potential new car and discovered there's a bargain to be had with my previous provider. That's worthy of a medium-sized yipppeeee even.

This may work out being a few hundred quid cheaper than I budgeted for, which would be a very good thing!

I've got to visit my local high street soon and run a few boring errands, then I can come back and perhaps phone up and go check out that car. I'm not convinced by the light green colour though, but everything else about the car meets my requirements exactly, so I should keep an open mind.

Maybe catch you on the flipside.
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