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Sunday, December 12, 2004

There's only one place on the net where you can come for a little hippy-action and that's right here! The northlondonhippy is at your service. Please place your orders early to avoid disappointment for xmas.

Xmas, yuck. It's now less than 2 weeks away. Have you done your xmas shopping? I haven't, but I'm going to try to do it this week. I won't be mentioning my purchases for Mrs. Hippy here, since she occasionally partakes of the blog.

I'm only sending my mother a card. I've made her promise not to send me anything as well. There's really no point, she should save her money. And I wouldn't have a clue what to send her either. I am really hating xmas this year.

It's the first one without my dad, which I know is going to be very hard on my mother, but there's nothing I can do to make it any easier.

My way of making xmas easier for me is to work right through it. Wanna avoid xmas, get a job somewhere where xmas is just another day. Or move to a non-Christian country, which could even be a better bet.

Sorry kids, but Santa's not visiting the hippy this year. He doesn't care if I've been bad or good, he's just not coming.

Ho fucking ho, talk about a dose of xmas cheer!

I'm just cranky because I've been up since this morning and I'm doing at work in 3 hours. I am already feeling tired. I haven't stayed up late at all while I've been off this week. I always seem to be tired these days. I'll make it through tonight though, I'll have to and coffee is going to the answer, regardless of the question. I'm sail through on a caffeine buzz of enormous proportions.

Anyway, no time to sit here and spout my special brand of, well you know, drivel all night, I need to shower, shave, shit and have my first cup of hippycoffee. Maybe I'll catch you later, but then again, maybe I won't.
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