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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Xmas is over, did you get that iPOD? How about that PS2 with GTA San Andreas?

Santa brought me a DVD recorder. Ok, it wasn't Santa, it was Mrs. Hippy, how cool is that?

I've not hooked it up yet, but will do very soon. I'd like to swap it for the VHS machine, but I haven't decided yet. I'm looking forward to playing with it soon.

I gave my mother a quick phone call earlier. I would have spoken to her longer, but she sounded tired and it was an effort for her to speak to me. I was late phoning, which means loads of other people would have called before me. I'll try again on Sunday and hope she is more rested.

She said she had a nice day, my older half-brother visited and her home helper cooked a nice meal. For my mom, that's as good as it gets. I sent her a plant, which she thanked me for, I didn't know what else to send her.

I'm about 1/2-way through my shift and I'm a bit pissed. I was offered a glass of reasonable champagne when I arrived in the office tonight, which was swiftly followed by another and I was half-cut before I knew it. An empty stomach, not enough sleep and a couple of glasses of bubbly equals a big ol' booze buzz. On top of that, I'm been outside for a bit of what this hippy loves best, so I'm quite comfortably wasted right now. Moderation is the key to partying while working and I've not overdone it so far.

I could stretch this entry out a bit more, maybe tell you when I took a crap, had a piss, ate a bloody mince pie, but I've already bored you enough for one night. Please resume your festivities. This hippy will still be here when you're finished!
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