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Friday, December 10, 2004

Yo fuckers! God I love shrooms!

I had a fantastic little trip today, best one I've had in ages. It was like rediscovering psilocybin. Are your trips like that sometimes?

What am I talking about? You don't shroom, that's what you've got me for...remember I'm living that hippy life so you don't have to!

I took around 60 grams of the little suckers and wolfed them down. As you do, when you have 60 grams just lying around waiting to be used. I was starting to think they were duds, when suddenly they kicked in like a motherfucker. It was shroomtastic!

I lost myself in music videos for quite a while and even had a chance to play with my Laserpod once it got dark enough. It was completely enjoyable and I don't know why I don't do it much more often! I love shroomin' I do...

I've come down since then and I know I promised to blog while shroomed, I was just enjoying myself way too much to get involved with all that shit man. Maybe next time.

I haven't given up the hunt for a car, actually I'm planning on renewing my quest with even more determination! There's another one I've had my eye on, here's a private sale, so I could be onto a winner. It's a dark blue Polo, which is cool, with lots of extras, low mileage and an attractive price that says "buy me". I'll phone that careful woman driver tomorrow and see if she wants to do a deal with the hippy.

Except, I won't tell her I'm the northlondonhippy. Why would I? I'm the internet celebrity that no-one's ever heard's not going to get me a discount.
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