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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Are you the hippy?

No, I'm the hippy, the northlondonhippy! Give us a yippppeeee and a mighty yee-haw!

I didn't shroom yesterday. It got too late and I got hungry, so I opted for a turkey sandwich instead. Disappointed? Not at all, instead I decided to wait until TODAY!

That's right hippyfans, your favourite hippy from north London just took a big phat dose of Colombian magic mushrooms. Around 45 grams, if you must know. Colombians have a reputation as being very potent and visual. I'll let you know as I've not tried them before. My experience so far has been that all p.cubes tend to be about the same, in strength and potency. I'd love to be wrong, especially today.

I decided to go for a reasonably big dose, since I'm an experienced shroomer and have maxed out at 60 grams on Mexicans. Forty grams of Colombians should be a safe place for me to start.

I literally just choked them down not 5 minutes ago, so the effects are still a little while off, one to two hours depending on how quickly I digest them in my hippybelly. The one thing I think I gloss over when I describe my little shrooming adventures, is just how hard they are to get down.

They taste foul, no matter how you try to disguise them. I hate the taste of normal mushrooms, these taste even worse than that. I've tried to hide, disguise, camouflage and turn them into anything more palatable, but there just is no trick really. Even when I've (shhhhh), dried them, powdered them and stuffed them into capsules, the taste still comes back to you in nasty belches once the caps break down. Yuck, yuck, yuck...

But I don't take them for the taste, now do I kids? They only take a few minutes to choke down, but they give you hours and hours of psychedelic fun. And don't forget those oh so pretty colours!

Every shroom voyage is special to me from here on out, since the government may soon ban the sale of fresh magic mushrooms. It will be a sad day for this hippy when that happens. But for now, as long as I can get a hold of them, I'll be shrooming my little socks off at every possible opportunity.

They don't call me the most shroomtastic stoner on the internet for nothing! Actually, "they" don't call me anything, its what I call myself. You could call me that too, in you were so inclined.

Maybe I'll come back later and bang on the keyboard once I'm well and truly gone. Or maybe I'll just zone out in front of some music videos. The mushroom god will decide for me when I commune with him shortly. I wonder what treats he has in store for me today?
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