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Friday, January 21, 2005

Before the fun, a bit of business!

My number one hippyfan, Shashank, let the following comment on my blog:
"Hippy, it might distress you to know that your new page format doesn't render very well on the Macintosh. I use Safari in OS X, and your blogs appear in very narrow columns to the right, making it very hard to read.

What was wrong with the earlier format anyway?
Posted by Shashank to the northlondonhippy at 1/21/2005 09:47:12 AM "
You're right Shankster, this does distress me.
It would never be this hippy's intention to screw anyone over that wants to read the blog, especially my ace-est number one fan! It's also bad news for me, since as you know, I've been seriously considering your advice about purchasing an Apple myself.
I chose the new format for several reasons, mainly I was not that happy with the old template, never was. It was very plain and boring and used by lots and lots of other blogs. I had wanted to change it for ages.
It wasn't easy for me to make the switch and this current template wasn't my first choice, other's that I tried would not work at all. I do like this new one much better than the old one, especially for the weed-green colour scheme, just like my beloved skunk buds.
Shashank, I don't really know what to tell you. Do you have the dreaded Internet Explorer on your Mac? I bet it would display OK on that. I've checked the site with Firefox and IE6 and it displayed just fine in both. I don't have access to a Mac at the moment, so I can't check it for myself. Obviously, I believe what you are saying, I just don't have an explanation for you.
I don't wish to alienate the world's top hippyfan, but I like the new template. It wouldn't be any fun to go back to the boring old one. It would be a hassle actually. Sorry Shankster, but for now, I think I'm, going to stick with this version. Give IE6 a test, if you have it and see if it is any better. I appreciate that opening a 2nd browser just to read the hippy could be a pain in the ass, but I'm hoping you'll give it a try.
This hippy as rule, aims to please, so it pains me that I can't on this occasion do as I've been requested. I'll certainly keep an open mind though and reserve the right to change the template again at a later date.
And that ends the business as well as the small time window of opportunity I had to make this entry. I'll be back later to write some more, I've even got an idea. The next entry will be entitled: "I'm a very bad man", since I've come to the conclusion that I am. Tune in later to read this upcoming masterpiece!

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