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Friday, January 14, 2005

THE FIRST EVER northlondonhippy VIRTUAL ONLINE SHROOM SESSION has now begun!

Click RIGHT HERE to join the party.

You'll need to join my MSN group, but don't worry, I'm online and ready to approve your membership ASAP. I've already approved a couple of people! Can you dig it?

I've just taken a big phat juicy dose of frsh Colombian p.cubes, around 45 grams if you must know. Within an hour, I'll be communing with my mushroom god! Hopefully I'll be communing online with you too!

This is history in the making, you know you want to be a part of it! Here's everything you need to play the home version of the hippy shroom game:

1) A big dose of shrooms or other mind altering substance (booze included)
2) a .NET passport, like a Hotmail or MSN account
3) You need to join my group, approval will be FAST
4) You need to access the chatroom
5) You may need to install a small plug in to make it work
6) You need to be ready to party with the hippy and have some real fun!

I'll be in the room from now until 8pm north London time. Here's a guide to my availabilty in your region:

London/GMT: 1200-2000
Amsterdam/Paris/Berlin: 1300-2100
New York/Boston/Washington DC (US): 0700-1500
Los Angeles/San Francisco (US): 0400-1200
Beijing: 2000-0400
Tokyo: 2100-0500
Sydney: 2300-0600

As I'm shroomed-up, I won't be in front of my PC for the entire time, but I will be around. You shouldn't need to wait too long for a reply, but be patient. I might be off performing an interpretive dance in honour of my mushroom god, but I'll be back very soon.

Damn, I should have set up a webcam, so you can watch me dancing. I'd have to charge though, since I would be naked when I dance and I couldn't let you see my cock for free! Fear not, as I would charge by the inch, which wouldn't break your bank by any stretch of the imagination!

I'll return to the blog for a post mortem when the virtual shroom session ends, so as long as this post is at the top of the blog, the room is open and I am available for all your entertainment needs!

So are you ready? Are you shroomed? "Yes" from this hippy on both counts and I can't wait to see all of my loyal hippyfans online very soon! Be ready to come across with lots of yipppppeeeees!
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