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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Have I received your entry yet? You’ve got about a week to send me one, before the contest closes and I choose the winner.

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I’ve had a relatively mellow day, I was out early taking care of some urgent business, then back to my lair to take care of a few things. I haven’t really done all that much, but just enough to feel like the day hasn’t been wasted.

I’ve possibly located a car. It’s not a VW Polo, I’ve given up on that idea. I’ve had too much trouble finding one and have recently read some consumer reports that say they aren’t actually that good. I’m off the idea.

My new plan is to get a Toyota Yaris.

Yes, I know it’s a dull car, but that’s not a bad thing. The running costs are low, they are highly rated and it will hold its value fairly well.

There’s one not too far from my place, it’s a black 5-door and I’m hopefully going to see it tomorrow. Mrs. Hippy will be coming with me, as she wants to check out the size of the boot. She’s concerned it will be too small.

Though the car is mainly for me to use to go back and forth to work, Mrs. H will be using it occasionally as well and I want her to be happy with it too.

This is exciting.

I’m sure you’re all sick of reading about my simple search for a moderately priced used car. If I’m lucky, I’ll be buying one tomorrow and the hunt will be over. Let’s hope so.

I’m feeling really tired today, I don’t think I had enough sleep last night and I was up early this morning. I’ll be up early tomorrow as well. I’m up early most days, unless I’m working.

The thrills are just non-stop today, better put on your safety helmets!

I spoke to my younger brother yesterday, it was the first time we’d spoken in nearly 6 months. Families, eh? It was good to catch up with him a bit, we might have lunch together next week.

I’ve really got nothing to say today and I’m struggling to come up with anything. I think it is because I feel so exhausted. If I had more energy, you’d be having more fun.

You might as well go read the “VERY BEST” of the hippy. I can tell you right now, this entry will not be making it on to that page!

Don’t let this put you off entering my contest though, I guarantee a non-stop rock’n’roll party for one lucky hippyfan!
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