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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Here's your chance to shroom with the hippy!

The northlondonhippy is very pleased to announce his latest promotion:


That’s right kids, one lucky hippyfan will be coming to my lair in fabulous north London for an afternoon of seriously shroomtastic fun!

Here’s everything you need to know to enter this amazing, once in a lifetime competition with a priceless prize:

The details:
- Contest Deadline: Midnight (GMT) On Weds 2nd February 2005
- Winner Announced: Thursday 3rd February 2005

- The Shrooming Date: Saturday 5th February 2005
- TheTime: Negotiable (afternoon preferred)
- Location: The northlondonhippy'’s lair, in fabulous north London

You'’ll arrive at my lair at a pre-agreed time, where you will be met with a dose of fresh magic mushrooms (dosage according to YOUR experience), spliff, soft drinks and the coolest music videos. Once we come down, perhaps we'll order a pizza or even some of my favourite Malasyian take-away!

You'’ll spend the entire afternoon off of your face, enjoying the pleasure of the company of "the
“most shroomtastic stoner on the internet"”, yours truly, the northlondonhippy.

Oh what fun we’ll have together!

The rules:
The contest is open to:
- Anyone over the age of 18
- Who resides in the UK
- Can make their own way to fabulous north London
- Doesn’t suffer from any physical or mental illnesses
- Won’t hold the hippy responsible or liable for anything as a result of the shrooming

The contest is NOT open to:
- Anyone under the age of 18
- Anyone outside of the UK
- Anyone involved in the law enforcement industry
- Anyone who doesn’t want to shroom with this hippy

How to enter:
Simply send an email to me at with the following information:
- Your age
- Your location
- Your first name (a screen name will do)
- Your availability on Saturday 5th February 2005
- Please confirm your ability to travel to north London as well
- "Hippy Shroom Contest" in the subject line of the email

The Competition:
This time the contest will take the form of a simple essay question. In addition to the above information, please include your answer to the following:

"Why should that crazeeeee hippy pick me for an afternoon of shrooming?"

By "me", of course I mean "you" and by "hippy" of course I mean me. Confused? "Me" too.

Your answer can be as long as you wish, there is no limit on the length of your entry. Be creative, be inventive, and be inspired, I’ll be judging all entries fairly and equally and my decision is final.

The Disclaimer:
“The northlondonhippy in no way wishes to encourage anyone to follow any of my examples. I take no responsibility or liability from any foolishness or mischief that may ensue if you do copy any of my "wild drug fueled antics". I believe individuals are 100% responsible for their own actions, so don't even think of blaming this hippy for dick! This includes the contest winner.”

One Simple Condition:
The winner will be required to sign a simple non-disclosure agreement, which states that they will in no way ever disclose my name, nor any other detail about me, which could intentionally or unintentionally reveal my true identity.

As you all know, my real identity is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the world. Much like the formula for Coca Cola, it is kept in a locked safe in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

I would expect any hippyfan to be fully understanding of this simple fact and am happy to show a great degree of trust to the winner of the contest.

So that’s it kids, the contest is now open and I am ready to receive your entries.

I'’m looking forward to a real effort from all of you who meet the entry requirements!

Good luck to you all, may the best hippyfan win!
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