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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hey! Yes, you!

Were you worried you were in the wrong place at first?

You don't need to be afraid, I've just had a little re-vamp to the site, that's all.

Nothing for you to be frightened of, everything is still groovy! And I'm still the same old northlondonhippy you've grown to love and maybe lust after just a little, it's all-cool.

I decided it was time to redesign the blog a bit, the old one was pretty boring. And by redesign, naturally I mean choosing a different template from Blogger and tweaking it slightly. And by tweaking, I mean pasting some html code into it that I got from other sources. By other sources, I mean the old template that I just scrapped. It wasn't complicated, but just look at the difference.

I chose this green colour scheme in honour of my favourite thing, weed. Doesn't it just make you want to get stoned and watch music videos? Maybe it's just me and I feel that way all the time, anyway.

I’ve updated my Blogger profile as well. I had to do it, since the new template includes a few bits from it, so I wanted to make it nicer for everyone. Mostly my profile is a load of toss, so I wouldn’t bother reading it.

Also, I've joined another web advertising thing-a-me-bob, which is sort of a link exchange, called: Blog Snob. I'm waiting to see if they approve me, because if they do, five hippy-ads will be rotating around on other blogs. Apparently this is a popular one and I should be able to see an increase in traffic. Cool, eh?

This hippy never ceases to look for new ways to pimp his bloggin' ass around the net! I'm a bloggin' whore, love me, LOVE ME, please!

Don't believe me?

Well check this shit out, I stumbled upon a site today that's trading shares in the northlondonhippy! And I'm not seeing a red cent out of it, the fuckers. Here, check it out for your own bad self, as I helpfully include the link RIGHT HERE.

Now, I never signed up for this, so I can only think they found me through a directory or something. Even weirder is a couple of people I don't even know have purchased shares in ME!

If I didn't feel like a whore before, I sure do now!

If you were a smart investor, you'd buy now, while I'm still relatively cheap, because 2005 is the year I'm going to break really B-I-G! You just watch, I won't be the biggest internet celebrity no-one's ever heard of forever!

Actually, I'm not really cheap, but I am easy. Just ask anyone.

The offer is still open to "VIRTUALLY SHROOM WITH THE HIPPY" this Friday, see the post below this one for times in your region. All I need is for one of you to express an interest by posting a comment on any entry in this blog and I'm down with you for this history making event.

I'll create a chatroom and post the link here on the blog. I'll probably use Yahoo Chat, since I already have a northlondonhippy ID there and it lets you create your own room. All you'll need to access it is a browser with Java installed, it couldn't be any more simple.

And what am I all about? Making life simple, yours and mine!

Well, I don't know if my loyal legions of hippyfans dig the new-look hippy blog, but I sure do! Think of this as my relaunch on the road to success and ultimately world-wide-web domination!
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