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Sunday, January 23, 2005

I hate putting titles on my entries....

It's my last night here and then I'm off for four fun-filled days & nights. I thought it was only three, so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the extra day/night off! I like surprises, don't you?
It's quite mellow and relaxed here tonight, I'm hoping to get a bit nice later, but this remains to be seen. It shouldn't be a problem, 'cause I'm one slick hippy.
Mrs. Hippy caught up on the blog today, she tends to do that about once a month or so. I'm always interested in her reaction to what I write as she is particularly critical of what I sometimes say.
Basically, she says she skips over my lengthy "drug rants" as she calls them, which she doesn't find so interesting.
Since it's the main thrust of what I do here in hippyland, this doesn't leave much for her to enjoy. She likes my jokes at least and overall she's impressed with what I do. As she should be, this blog is very impressive, but I don't need to tell you that, my good hippyfans!
I like what I do here, especially the drug related stuff. The world needs someone who's unashamed of his drug use to tell the truth about them. But that's not the main purpose of this blog anyway, it's chiefly to amuse yours truly. Not exclusively though, I want the casual or regular visitor to dig what I' m doing too, you dig?
Sometimes, I randomly click on a previous entry, to re-read it myself. Now that my library of previous entries is so vast (230 plus at last count), there's plenty to choose from. The very early postings weren't on target, but once I've found my inner-hippyvoice, there's a consistency and humour to my posts which runs through the entire blog.
And I almost always tell the truth. When I don't, there's a reason. Normally it's to set-up one of my amusing little jokes and I come clean after the punchline. For example, Mrs. H was reading THIS ENTRY from New Year's Eve, which even fooled her. She was getting pissed-off by it, before I let on it was a wind-up. Go on, if you haven't read it, you can take a look right now.
I do like to have fun, you know! The world needs more fun and if I can be responsible for contributing even a little, my work here is done.
Are you working on your contest entries? I'm expecting a good effort from anyone who really wants to win! Get them ready, though don't send them yet!
Some prizes are so rare and so special, that you can't put a price on them. The chance to "shroom with the hippy" is just such a prize. It certainly is priceless and it's an especially unique opportunity. May the best hippyfan win!
I'll be opening up my email box to entries just as soon as I fix the date for the shrooming. Keep checking back for updates.
I might come back later and amuse you all some more, or perhaps I'll just take it easy and do nothing personally productive. At this stage, I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, especially not my own. Until next time, I remain your virtual pal, the northlondonhippy!

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