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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

If I don't put a title here, Blogger hates me....!

The hippy returns!

Sometimes my threats are more like promises and here I am. Surprised? You shouldn't be, I try to be dependable. I'm a hippy of my hippy we trust!

I'm back with a purpose, I've just seen something scary on TV. An American network conducted a national poll on people's beliefs regarding the origins of the world and life. An astounding 61% of Americans said that they believe god created the universe.

Come again?

That's nearly 2 out of 3 people in America, rejecting evolution and science in favour of a not very convincing fairy tale. Fuckin' hell!

Where's CLARENCE DARROW when you need him? Oh yeah, he's dead. Never mind.

OK kids, here's the deal. I'm willing to risk my life right here, right now, just to prove that there is no god.

If there's a god, let him/her reveal themselves by striking this one crazeeeee north London based hippy dead, right now. Go on, I'm waiting...

Go on, I'm ready to sacrifice myself for the sake of the entire world, just to confirm the existence of a higher power. If I fall over dead right now, you can just call this the gospel according to the hippy.

If you're religious and you've read much of my blog, then you'd know if there was a god, I'd be in sights already. Then again, if you are religious and you read this blog, you must have your own serious doubts. I expect you're probably an agnostic and just haven't come to terms with it yet. Don't worry my friend, free yourself from your archaic ideas and start living!

Look, religious fundamentalism of any flavour is a very bad thing. I don't care what you believe, as long as you keep it to yourself. In real life, I keep my views to myself, but as we've already established, my blog is not my real life. It's my secret, uncensored world and you've got an all-seasons pass to join me! How lucky are you?

In the past, people have tried to convert me, they've all failed, but I've brought more than a few people over to the dark side. I'm ready to snag a few more, email me for details with the names and addresses of three virgins. Satan's a lot more fun, anyway and he's a snappier dresser too. I'm not saying dedicating one's life to the dark overlord is for everyone, but it works for me.

Oh and I'm still here. God hasn't so much as given me a hang-nail or a cold sore. I'm fit as a fiddle and more fun to play.

Do you still believe s/he exists? Then you have something I distinctly lack: faith.

I have no faith whatsoever, not in my fellow man, not in god and not in myself. I'm so cool with that, I'm practically ice-cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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