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Saturday, January 08, 2005

I'm back. Did ya miss me?

Blogging is a thankless task. I've been at this for nearly ten months now and I can tell you, I've yet to receive a single thank-you note. But that's ok, I don't do this to receive your gratitude, I do this because I've got the burning to desire to "live that hippy life, so you don't have to."

Remember, I'm the "biggest internet celebrity that no-one's ever heard of", which is thanks enough for this hippy. I've yet to make a single penny from this blog, I've received virtually no acclaim, yet I'm content.

I'm content because of you, my very loyal hippyfans. So many of you are repeat visitors and that pleases me. If you've been to this blog more than once, then you qualify as a hippyfan too, so don't even try to deny it!

It is pretty amazing, anyone can start a blog and be online with whatever they want in a matter of moments. If you don't have a blog of your own, what are you waiting for? You can set one up in no time. Go on, you know you wanna.

I'm blogging my life away, every night and every day, just for YOU! You could send me a thank-you note, even a gift, I think I deserve it, don't you?

It's my birthday this month, but I'm not telling you the day. I'm going to be 42 years old. Fuck.

No, it's ok, since ageing beats the alternative, though I'm tired of getting old. Middle-age is not as much fun as I hoped it would be, but then that's true of so many things.

I just wish my mid-life crisis would kick in, since I've always wanted a Porsche.

I've got no celebrations planned for my birthday. If you must know, I'm working on my b-day, as well as the night before and after, so there's not really much chance to mark it properly. I'm hoping to maybe have my new computer for my special day, which would be a very good thing, but we'll have to see. I'm still leaning towards a G5 iMac and I'm going to visit the Apple Store this coming week to check them out. I love buying toys!

I'm starting to get hungry, so I might need to rustle up a spot of food fairly soon. Don't worry, I'll come back tomorrow and groove with you then. I'd never deny any of you your daily hippyfix!
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