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Sunday, January 09, 2005

I'm having a reasonably pleasant Saturday night at work, with just enough to keep me busy, but not so much that I'm rushed off my feet. Very nice indeed. I even had a decent meal, life at work doesn't get much better than this!

I choose to work nights because I'm a bit dysfunctional (which as you know is the "new normal") and prefer an easy life. I've worked overnights on and off for over 20 years, so I guess you can say I like them. It may not be for everyone, but it certainly works for me.

When I was home on Saturday morning, I had all sorts of interesting ideas for subjects I could write about. Naturally, I didn't note any of it down and now that I'm here, I've forgotten all of it. It's a shame, as I had some jokes and interesting topics to share with you all.

What I should do, when I feel so inspired, is log in and write it then and there. My problem is, if I did that, I would have had much less sleep. Sometimes, sleep is more important than blogging.

Since I claim to be "part media critic", I feel I need to mention SKY News coverage of the tsunami story. I'll start with one word: OVERKILL

I won't deny the magnitude of the story and my deepest sympathies go out to every single person affected by this monumental tragedy, but come on, SKY has been over-the-top in a big way.

SKY's response to any big story is to throw masses of money at it and this is no exception. I'm sure they will win an RTS award for it, but so what? They've focused on the dead Brits (of which there are appx 440) more than the much larger numbers of local people killed in the disaster.

Does it really add anything to a news bulletin to have the presenter on-site? Does it make the viewer's understanding of the story and better or deeper, just because Kay Burley is standing on a beach, reading a teleprompter? Of course not!

And a brief word on Kay Burley, with her perfect hair and lip gloss, is she really the face you want telling you that 165,000 people were just killed? The rumour is she demanded a hairstylist be flown to Sri Lanka, but I have no way of confirming this, other than by pointing out the fact that her hair has been immaculate throughout her stay.

I'm glad for the attention the story has gotten overall, especially as it has inspired so many people to donate so much money, but enough is enough. If anyone from the SKY newsroom is reading this, please do less! It's all overkill.

That ends the whinge.

I'm not back to work for just over a week now, which is cool since I have loads to do in my real life. There might even be shrooming opportunities, or perhaps I may even finally try the kratom I ordered. I also need to get a hold of some more shrooms and since it's my b-day this month, I'm finally going to order some Hawaiians, also known by their latin name: Copelandia Cyanescens. They are completely different from p.cubes and known for their potency. It's about time I tried them!

I've also got to sort out my taxes, order new contact lenses, maybe look for a new car, check out G5 iMacs, try to book a dentist appointment and loads of other stuff that is just as exciting. I'm going to need to shroom badly after all that tedium, especially the taxes. I'll remain totally unstressed by it, just watch me.

I know what I forgot to mention! I'm going through withdrawl! The website has been done since I woke up and I haven't been able to get my stat-fix on this page. I'm not even sure if the hit counter is registering visitors, I haven't checked. Just to be safe, you better come back again twice tomorrow!

Anyway, I'll wrap this up now and catch ya next time!

It's 04:38am London time, right now. For some reason when I post via email, it screws up with the time that ends up at the bottom of the entry. I don't know why.
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